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  1. Finally got date for oath ceremony- 30th March. Approved on 15th December so taken nearly 4 months. If you are in Houston, don't worry too much about a delay... you'll get it eventually lol
  2. About 4 months after applying for the interview. Approved at interview on Dec 15th, 2021. Taken months for oath ceremony thou- mine's scheduled for 30th March.
  3. Houston too. Approved Dec 15th and still waiting for mine to be scheduled also.
  4. You are welcome. I was going to wait to do the N-400 until after I had completed the I-751 but come July, our lawyer said that submitting this would speed that up. Seemed to work. Got my permanent GC end of October. The officer was very nice and asked her supervisor if she could do my N-400 too but they didn't have the file. Surprised to get this interview so quickly after how long that took! Seems like the Houston office is moving quicker now covid has quietened down a bit here. Hopefully you'll get your interview soon😀
  5. July 21st. Hope you don't have to wait much longer. My I-751 nearly took 3 years so glad this was quicker!
  6. MY N-400 interview is on the 15th Dec. I have not received the interview letter. Can I download and print the copy on the USCIS website to take with me instead?
  7. Same thing happened to me- 13-15 months but not accurate. My interview is scheduled for the 15th December so will have taken 5 months. Don't panic!
  8. I'm Houston, near the bottom and it took me nearly 3 years to get approved so probably still fairly accurate lol
  9. I was approved on the spot. Very nice officer. Was asked how we met, date and where we got married, why did we choose to get married in another country. Asked each others DOB's. My husband was asked about his driving license- he renewed it late because they wouldn't accept his birth certificate so he had to get an embossed copy. Did we always live at the address we do now. She asked me my phone number. At the end gave me and my lawyer a copy of the approval notice and said the new green card would come 2-4 weeks from now. Couldn't do my naturalisation because they didn't have the paperwork. Oh and she asked where Cyprus was- we got married there!
  10. I don't understand it either. It's not like they don't know that our extension ran out! They need to make this whole process easier- if they can't be bothered to get us interviewed in our extension timeframe then just automatically send us a new one. I'll be glad when this whole process is over! My lawyer had to shout at them to get me that stamp, not sure it would go down too well, if you tried it! Just keep bugging them- ask for a Tier 2 officer when you call. Sorry, that you are having a hard time with it.
  11. I'd file the N-400 asap because I filed my I-751 Dec 2018- have my interview today! I heard nothing about my I-751 until I filed my N-400. Could have filed it earlier but didn't until July 2021. I'm on my 2nd Adit stamp! The first stamp they flat out refused me an appointment until my lawyer called. The 2nd one I had no problem but it took 30ish days for them to call me back- unlike you, I had no need for one so not an issue. This process is harder than what you think it would be- I'm so glad I hired a lawyer! Good luck:-)
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