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  1. Quick question... who signs Part 7 1a? The US Citizen who is the petitioner or the green card holder who is the spouse?
  2. I’m not planning on reaching out to the senator or congressman again. It seems to get me no where. They get the same response I get if I inquire about our case. I feel it’s a waste. we are just waiting like everyone else. It’s a very hard wait but that’s all we can do 😩
  3. I usually got a reply back after 3 days from the senator/ congressman .. then I waited 30 days to hear back after their inquiry was sent to the Embassy... but only thing they say is the same response I get if I email the Embassy myself. Still on AP after 14 months from interview
  4. I contacted senator and congress person and still got the same AP response. Really I feel they’re playing with our lives. They make it sound like they understand the frustration but why is it taking so long? AP for 14 months now 😩
  5. Walaykum Salaam congratulations! It’s always great to hear some good news 😊
  6. Our last update was on July 16, 2019 after our local senator inquired about our case. I didn’t get and expiring message but I noticed the DS 260 was reopened. Which we did Inquire about and was told not to update the application. So we didn’t re-do it. Where do you see the expiration date?
  7. I agree with you. What about us who are being delayed after DS 5355? What about our cases? I wish the DOS can explain what’s the hold up.
  8. Im going through the same thing... we filed in 2017, interview was on 2018 and still on AP. It’s been 13 months
  9. I try to keep positive about the outcome of the visa... I tell myself well if they wanted to deny it, they would’ve done it a long time ago...plus we are in a legit marriage so I’m sure the evidence will show... so you too try to be postive on that aspect. but really I share in the frustration on how long the process is taking. I contacted our local senator and he did his part twice and even offered a third time but he’s getting the same response I get when I email the Embassy so I feel it’s a waste of time... so I will try to contact the congress representative and see if I can get some further help with her... although I feel it will be a waste as well but I feel I need to be doing something. I pray and do what I can. I want my husband home. It’s not fair 😩
  10. I would love to if we can afford to do so right now... everyone tells me to pray and have faith that God will make a miracle for us. I do pray and believe but sometimes I feel weak. I miss my husband so much. I really don’t understand why it takes so long to process an application and in some other countries people get their visas so soon. It’s not fair to single out one group of people. We are also tax paying, law abiding citizens that only want their spouse with them in order to start a family and start their lives together.... really it frustrates me so much
  11. I was quoted 3500$ from the attorney who helped me start our process. I’m still thinking about it because financially it’s alot of money And we are trying our best to wait. my hubby has been on AP for 12.5 months
  12. I got an email from the local senator that an officer from the Embassy replied to his inquiry by saying that my husband in still under necessary administrative processing and that we will be notified once his case is complete. the senator received the same reply I get. I don’t see the point of contacting the local senator. This is his second inquiry and he’s still getting the same reply. 😧😧😧😧😧
  13. 12.5 months on AP. Interview in Kabul Afghanistan.... I too was curious about WOM but unfortunately I haven’t come across anyone who has had success with it... or anyone who is currently going through it. I just know my lawyer is charging 3500$ if I want to move forward with it. We decided to wait... my husband’s passport expires next April. We are hoping he gets his visa soon. If it gets close to his passport expiration date then we might move forward with the WOM
  14. My husband’s case on Ceac said “reopened” for the DS 260... and that we must update the forms. So we emailed the Embassy and they said not to do anything and that he is still on AP. It’s been 1 year and a couple of weeks for AP. The wait is so long! We are together on holiday now but we will part in a few days... it’s so hard to enjoy these days knowing we will part again and not know when this whole process will end! 😩
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