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  1. Asalaamu Alaykum i have a question... my husband had his second medical in May 2020 and has been in AP since June 2018.... his DS260 application says incomplete... when it first appeared as “opened” we asked the embassy if we should resubmit and they told us not to do anything so we never did... but now we are almost 8 weeks since his second medical and I’m wondering if we should re submit it since it’s says incomplete... what should we do?
  2. Second Medical In May 2020 and still no visa. My husband has been in AP since June 2018.
  3. I never heard of it happening before but nothing surprises me anymore. How long has he been on AP? i asked my husband if they asked him to go to a second interview but he said no. Just the medical, so I don’t know if they will ask him or not
  4. No. We are still waiting 😞 our case has been on AP since June 2018. ... it’s been 7 weeks since his second medical.... still waiting
  5. 6 weeks now since second medical... 3 years and 2 weeks since AP... how much longer should we wait? 😩
  6. Yes In Shaa Allah I’ve been waiting for my husband and I to be together since 2017.
  7. June 24 made exactly 3 years since my husband was put on AP. He wasn’t asked to go to second interview, only second medical. today made exactly 5 weeks since he completed the medical
  8. My husband also got called in for second medical and we are waiting for the visa (if they’re issuing them now that is) so we too are a Nervous wreck.... 😐
  9. Anyone knows how long after the second medical will the visa be issued?
  10. Usually a second medical, sometimes a second interview and then the visa if everything goes well
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