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  1. I think also divorce decree..
  2. Hi @CASTIEL Congrats on your VAWA approval! I hope you don’t mind me asking if you travel to Korea using your AP and came back to US with no problem? Or are we only allowed to travel to our home country? I don’t have EAD & AP yet. I just filed it on Dec ‘18 and hopefully I will get it on time. Thank you!
  3. Hi @Mnmnm I got the same denial letter. So my attorney sent a letter immediately to National Benefits Center alerting them of my pending VAWA case at the Vermont Service Center. She included a copy of my I-360 reciept and Prima Facie Determination. She asked them to refrain from issuing a Notice to Appear as VSC adjudicates this matter. I filed new I-485 with a fee of 1,225 usd as they denied my fee waiver. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks @sandranj for the information.
  5. I agree with @Ilo. Me too I have a question: does government shutdown means that they will hold temporary the adjudication of VAWA? Maybe @ahmad- pertaining on this news below: https://www.npr.org/2018/12/24/679838115/violence-against-women-act-expires-because-of-government-shutdown
  6. 1 year ☺️ Yes true, hopefully it will be on-time 🙂
  7. Finally my lawyer said that she will send a letter to alert USCIS that I have pending i360. I am patiently waiting too. I just got my first prima facie. Still don’t have EAD Godbless you and and goodluck to all of us.
  8. Hi @Gogetter18 thank you for always helping me. Yes a letter not an email sorry. My husband wanted me to get deported. He thinks that he owns the country and his family too.
  9. Hello Everyone, I have a question. My previous AOS got denied due withrawal of I-130 filed by my husband. I told my lawyer to please send an email to USCIS and tell that I filed VAWA and do not issue an NTA. My lawyer told me that she wants to request to USCIS a copy of my entire “A file” ( physical file where all my immigration applications travel) to see what if any letter my husband mailed to USCIS. She will charge me $250 for this and she said that this might give us insight into what USCIS will be thinking when they consider my VAWA case. I am really confused. Appreciate your advise. Happy Holidays!
  10. Thank you appreciate your reply. God bless
  11. Appreciate your response and advise. God bless.
  12. In his written declaration filed in the court, he said that I just filed this protection order because I am doing a self-petition and because I am currently overstayed. His lawyer will probably send this court denial letter to USCIS and request to deny my case. I just got I-797 but still no prima facie. I appreciate your response @Gogetter18
  13. Hello everyone, Hi @sandranj Please can someone guide me what will I do if my husband’s lawyer write a letter to USCIS to deny my VAWA case? I filed a protection order against my husband but the Judge denied the order due lack of evidence. I only had written declaration from me and family regarding domestic violence. He has a lawyer to defend him. My husband’s lawyer knew that I am applying for VAWA. Thank you so much.
  14. @sandranj @iwillsurvive I filed a restraining order against my husband because of the physical sexual abuse and harassment. Now he submitted his declaration to the court stating that I am just using him for self-petition. He also states that I did not love him from the beginning. He has a lawyer and I don’t have. We have court hearing coming soon. What if the judge ask me about self-petition?What will I say? I have filed VAWA 10 days ago. Thank you in advance!
  15. I will file a restraining order for harassment. Thanks Sandra!