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  1. You are applying c31 that is a different category. I am asking for c9 timeline Thanks
  2. My C9 EAD has been pending for almost 6 months at VSC
  3. I am looking for someone who recently received C9 EAD at VSC Can you share your timeline?
  4. Any one recently received category C9 EAD from Vermont Service Center? Can you share your timeline?
  5. If I haven't received prima facie letter Does it mean I will be getting RFE very soon? Anyone doesn't have prima facie while I-360 is pending?
  6. if i haven't got a prima facie letter within a month Does it indicate that I will be getting a RFE very soon?
  7. does I-485 has to be filed along with I-360? can I file I-485 I-765 I-131 while I-360 is pending?
  8. What do you mean? I am applying new I-485 with I-360 as VAWA concurrent filling right?
  9. I submitted everything with over 700 pages: I-360 I-485 I-765 I-131 I-864W G325A I-1145 Spouse is a US citizen birth certificate included as well. Now they rejected my I-485 I-765 I-131 It does not make any sense I really do not know why
  10. Thank you everypne I received a letter from Vermont service center it looks very confusing They rejected my 485 765 and 131 My ex wife is a us citizen i believe I am eligible for 485 concurrent filling
  11. My application was received 3 weeks ago but personal check has not been cashed yet, no receipt received either. Does that mean USCIS will reject the package and send it back? It takes longer time for USCIS to send anything back
  12. my 485 360 package was delivered 10 days ago but no NOA yet, and personal check has not been cashed out yet. Is this a problem?
  13. My vawa package was delivered last Thursday but still have not received any confirmation yet. Sent I-1145 as well but nothing happened. Anyone has idea when will they cash out your check for I-485? You can't verify by phone or email with vawa case because of so called "privacy" issue. VSC is like a ghost island completely isolated from rest of the world.
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