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  1. Hello, I am fluent in Spanish and English and I was wondering if I (the petitioner) could translate documents that I would like to take as evidence for my appointment.
  2. No it wouldn’t have taken that long. My fiancé got sick I wasn’t sure if he was going to travel. Then I took a new position at work & I wasn’t going to be able to travel so I had to wait to make it. Because I want to be there. So yea...life happened.
  3. I finally have an interview date, & plan on attending yay! Now more stress...I am wondering if anyone knows what evidence I should bring. I’m creating a binder out in phone bills, highlighted calls, there’s not so many on the regular bill because of good old WhatsApp, problem it I realized WhatsApp deletes call logs after a certain time. Anyways, I also put all the letters recieved and emails, I am just wondering do I need to translate the police certificate & birth certificate? I’m all over the place I just want to make sure I have everything right. Any input or a thread link that can help will be appreciated 🙏🏽
  4. This is so very good to hear. I wanted to ask and pardon if it’s a dumb question, what’s front loading? I’m setting up a binder finally have an Interview date and I want to be prepared. I’m just not sure what to bring and what needs to be translated.
  5. I have read a couple of different things on this thread and my fiancé has gotten sick so I’m trying to plan ahead just in case I need an extension. Do I need to send the US embassy in Santo Domingo requesting an extension of my approved petition? My case is on its way to NVC I have not been able to get a case number yet. Should I schedule an interview and continue the process and hope he’s able to fly? What happens if he’s not able to attend the interview for when I schedule am I able to reschedule? Please advise.
  6. Thank you! Thank you so much for the input!
  7. Whenever a timeline is updated, at the bottom VisaJourney gives you an estimate as to when your petition would be adjucated. How accurate were your estimates to your actual date for your Fiancé K-1 Visa?
  8. No. I was not looking for it to be in Connecticut. I am aware that they are only service centers in Vermont, Texas, & California. And that Vermont is not doing K-1 visas anymore. I just thought that I would have a Texas Service Center. I know California have faster processing times. So my question was if since it says California “is that the office that will be handling my case”. Oh ok! Thank you. That helps. I did not know that. Thank you!
  9. I received my NOA1. I was wondering if the service center in the bottom left hand of the notice is the office that is handling my case? I’m from Connecticut and it says California. I looked at other forums for answers but couldn’t find a clear answer.
  10. I don’t know if this is in the right place but I need to know if anyone else has experienced this. I got a text today (recieved my I129F petition) but my money order has not been cashed. Is this a bad sign!?
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