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  1. Hello, I emailed my expedite and I do believe that financial hardship due to job loss serves as a reason to expedite. Check out the link in my above comment, it has more detailed info about expediting.
  2. I mean, I can't say what's legitimate or not but my reason was family related and I've heard that NVC is very pro-family and reuniting children with their parents so that worked in my favor. Read this article, maybe it'll help: http://www.lovevisalife.com/2017/09/nvc-expedite-request-us-spouse-visa/
  3. Hey guys! So, I sent an expedite request on Tuesday and it got approvedl today! ANDDDD I received via email my case # from NVC! One day shy of a full 4 weeks since NVC received my case. Not sure if my expedite approval had anything to do with my getting my case number so soon but I am truly, very blessed! They will be expediting my case to the embassy and I cannot be happier! My husband is on his way home to us <33
  4. Called NVC just now and was informed that my case was received on 12/18/18 and currently being processed! Great, great news! I am going to start calling every week for my case number after the New Year! Continued luck to all =) Case Approved: 11/27/18 Case Sent to NVC: 12/11/18 Case Received by NVC: 12/18/18 (Exactly one week from date sent which I think is great. The agent also said that's a good sign ...crossing my fingers for a case # soon!!) A word of advice guys, CALL NVC!! Do not wait around for them to communicate. I feel that every time I call, even if I'm on hold for a long time, I will get the info that I need. I've also been fortunate enough to have friendly and helpful agents who don't mind answering my questions so that really helps. But yeah, call in and ask. Don't rely solely on updates from the websites.
  5. Congratulations!! All the best! Could you share your reason of expediting? I want to put in an expedite on my case and well, any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  6. Hey Guys, I received an e-mail today that Action was taken on my case so, I logged into my uscis acct and saw the update: on 12/11/18 Case has been sent to Dept of State for Visa Processing. 14 days from NOA2. Will begin to call in a couple of days for case number. Best of luck everyone, and if you have any updates on your cases please keep us up to date. Any info helps and eases the burden of waiting when there are signs of progress.. however little it may be!
  7. Thank you so much for the info! Big help.
  8. Do my husband's documents have to be legalized and current? When we got married, we got several original copies of our marriage license and his birth certificate legalized just in case, so would they still be ok to use for NVC? The criminal report he is getting now and would like to know if that has to be legalized? Information on NVC is kind of vague..
  9. Hey guys, So, can anyone shed some light on what happens now? I read above that once approved case goes to NVC/Dept of State....where can we check the status of that? Do I call NVC? My approval letter is in today's mail. I've read that a Case number is assigned once NVC receives case? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Thank you! The app for Apple is called Case Tracker for USCIS.
  11. APPROVED!!!! I checked this morning when I got to my office and it still said pending. Checked again once I got back from lunch around 2pm and THERE IT IS!!!! Tomorrow is our 1st year Anniversary and what a gift! We're getting there guys!! Best of luck to everyone else waiting, they're coming in, wait is almost over!!! Checked the app and the website and both approved! Wooooohooooo!!! TSC Pd: 05/15/18 Approved: 11/27/17 196 days today.
  12. Exactly!! I feel like we, May Filers, should have one by one been getting the approvals in week by week and nothing....
  13. 192 . So hard to stay hopeful amidst such excruciating desire to start the next phase of this process =(
  14. Why is TEXAS taking so long?!?! Feels like forever
  15. Congratulations!!!!! My PD is May 15th, Texas SC as well so I’m hoping I’ll be sharing the same good news soon!! All the best as you enter the next step of this journey!