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  1. You’re supposed to send the aos package to the Chicago lockbox, depending on the carrier the address itself will vary but for c9 category is always Chicago lockbox for aos. Good luck 👍🏽🍀
  2. In our particular case we were pd 6/14/18 and they summoned us on 9/26/19 but we were in bk and most bk filers were summoned in pd order (sort of from what i saw here). If @manhattannate is also in Manhattan from April and was called in for an October interview just add up may filers for November and june filers for December or something like that. You can also be summoned whenever your IO gets to your file on their desk 😪 hopefully I’m right. Good luck my friend 🍀👍🏽
  3. If the beneficiary is in legal status and is petitioned by lpr, you only submit i130, they go home get their immigrant visa and come back and get their GC by mail. Now a lpr beneficiary qualifies for aos if the i130 was approved, they’re in legal status and their category is current, whether or not petitioner is a usc. The aos has to be submitted properly however cause if you don’t submitted ead/ap application then you’re not going to get it. It’s odd you got an interview at all if those requirements weren’t met but hopefully everything gets resolved soon. 😇Good luck my friend 🍀👍🏽
  4. That’s basically because you’re an lpr petitioner and like i said, unless your beneficiary maintained their f1 status all throughout, they may need a waiver, go home and come back to actually get the gc. Did they get a work permit at any point ?
  5. Ok so you did very good then 👌🏽 Cause aos can’t be filed without a waiver and if waiver took that long to be approved then you will be fine, they’re probably reviewing the waiver because remember those waivers are processed by our countries of origin and if i know anything about my home country, they move at a very particular pace 😪 I’m sure they’re just reviewing that waiver, after that your wait will be over and done with! Good luck my friend and be patient it’ll happen for you 👍🏽🍀
  6. Did you have a 2 year home residency conditioning on your j1 and got the residency conditions waived (if any) approved and submitted with your aos? Cause if not, that might be an issue. It is my understanding that a j1 allows only two waivers, hardship and no objection and usually if the beneficiary is male (yes very misogynistic) the hardship waiver is more likely to be approved, however these types of cases require an immigration lawyer assistance. However if you’re married to a usc for over 2 years and you submitted your appropriate waiver, you will 100% get your 10 year gc approved. If 120 days have passed with no response, then you must get a lawyer involved just because of that type of visa and they could have you waiting forever. Good luck my friend 🍀👍🏽
  7. What kind of visa is this aos from? Also if they stated 120 days, wait it out (I’m one to talk, I didn’t sleep well until i had my gc in hand) but yes, also think about how those 120 days relate to your 2 year anniversary because if a decision is made at Or after the 2 year mark, you’ll get the 10 year gc which is the shiniest diamond 🤩 good luck my friend 👍🏽🍀
  8. As I expected, i got a 2 year green card cause that’s the rule if you haven’t been married for two years when a decision has been made in a case. Exceptions to evidence would be children born to marriages, usually that’s the most common exception and sometimes not event then. I read of a case where they were one month shy of their second year anniversary and they still gave them a 2 year gc but hey the important thing is to have the green card!!its a total game changer!!
  9. It’s unlikely but it will be at the discretion of the adjudication officer if your evidence and your interview is solid enough. I was also married for 18 months at the time of my interview last week, as soon as my card is delivered I’ll let you know for how long it was approved for 💁🏽‍♀️
  10. Congratulations 🎊 I wasn’t able to put a hold on the package so it’s out for delivery 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  11. Wonderful news ♥️ Thanks friend 👏🏽
  12. I just got the message about card being sent to me and i was wondering how i could get the tracking number cause i need the package to be held at the post office to pick it up cause the building i live has no doorbell 😪 but thank you for giving me an idea on how to get the tracking number cause i can chat from work and get it 💁🏽‍♀️♥️♥️♥️
  13. Thank you so much! 😅 the hardest prt is over, I cannot wait to see my welcome to America letter 😭😭😭😭
  14. My dear VS NYC friends, LONG POST ALERT 🚨 We had finally had our aos interview yesterday so i will share my experience for reference. Our appointment was at 1:30pm, Brooklyn field office. We arrived at the waiting area at about 12:55pm, we made the line to give up the notice and get the turn ticket (they call you by ticket, not by name and they don’t call you in order of number either). Fun fact: lady at the booth asked me if i was the attorney 🤣 (dressed for success i guess 🤣) i told her i was just the beneficiary and she said oh, ok. We waited about 20-25 minutes maybe but we were called in fairly on time. The IO was very nice and courteous walking us over to her office, she swore us in and asked me to sit by the camera, took my fingerprints and pictures, asked us if we had any additional joint documents to bring em forward and put them on her desk and instructed us that she was going to start asking the questions to my husband (petitioner) and for me to put the documents on the desk while she asked away, we complied and she then said “omg i love how you put the files together!” And my hubby said “yup, she’s the organizer!” and she laughed and immediately started asking questions. They asked my husband all the questions about how and when we met, where we went on our first date, how long we dated before we got married, when and how we decided to get married and why, asked about our living arrangements, trips with dates, if he had been married before, if he had kids, pets, where I worked (my husband did a great job responding to the questions without missing a beat as she went 👌🏽). Then (after the organizer bit) she started asking me questions, she asked if ive been married before or my husband, if i had kids or if he had kids, asked about pets how many and what were they lol, asked about insurance, bank accounts and what banks, asked about our bofa account which was originally just mine and when I opened it (2011 while i was here visiting) and so she asked if i added him and i said yes and I believe i added him before or after we were married she said ok good, asked about where he worked, told him he got a new job literally two days before the interview and she stated that those are good jobs, joked a little and then started asking me the aos yes/no, asked my husband to take 8 pictures (were we are in groups) out of the (handmade by moi album) and he couldn’t figure it out so i helped him get em out while responding to the rest of the questions, she then had me sign the aos form, thanked us and stated that a decision would be made in about 3 weeks but that I would get an email notification first and whatever decision made by mail after, walked us out and that was it. Fun fact#2 my ENTIRE immigration file was on her desk because i saw a picture of one of my visas from 2005 (I assumed she purposely left it there so i knew they had everything lol). Fun fact#3 the whole interview took less than 15 minutes 🙃 but it was thorough as heck At about 3:50am today i got the email about new card being produced 😭😭😭 I’m assuming it’s a 2 year GC but my dad also told me the IO has the power to approve it for 10 years at their discretion (that would be awesome!!!) I’ll let you guys know!!!! i had my tears of joy meltdown this morning when I saw that email 🤧 but this part of the ordeal is over for now friends 🙏🏽Good luck to all of you still waiting, go over prepared when it comes to paperwork, more is always better and be organized, they’ll appreciate it!!! I will later show you how I organized everything for reference!! Good luck and thank you for your support and your help throughout this process ♥️
  15. Ok so in that case he can only adjust status if he’s still in legal status from his f1 and if the f2a category(married to resident) is current (which it still is I believe until the end of this month), other than that, if he is out of status, you guys would have needed to file a waiver so he can go back home and come back with his green card. Lprs petitions only qualify for aos if beneficiary is in legal status when the f2a category is current, which is the case right now. Wait it out but after 120 days, contact a good immigration lawyer. I started watching this show on YouTube the moment we started this whole process to learn as much as I could about immigration, the show is called ‘brad show live’, they respond to your questions and you learn. Check it out. I would totally get Brad if needed
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