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  1. I am simply telling the OP how i did mine, Jesus 🙄 this is the ONLY immigration forum where people think they know it all and that NO ONE ELSE can give their opinion based on their own experience. So i think that instead of a people based forum, we should just follow instructions from USCIS site directly or hire an immigration lawyer for questions instead of asking for suggestions from mere mortals and not professionals...
  2. You could do either, I handcrafted a photo album, scrapbook style with a lot of pictures and the tags, I printed them from my phone onto the cvs app and picked them up and put my “evidence file” together for our aos packet, so either way works (we have tons of pics cause we visited quite a lot). Doing the same for our interview because sometimes the IO asks for pics so it’s better to print them out 90’s style if you’re called for interviewing on ROC.
  3. Each for is processed at a different location, so if you’re talking about the K1 application and you submitted it in sep18 that itself can take 1+ and then the AOS time is yet another processing time, be proactive with the whole process, like when the visa is issued and they come get their ssn immediately (so they can get a state ID), get married immediately (by court house you can do your regular wedding after aos is sent), collect all the possible evidence at that point (which is easier if you’re proactive) and it is very possible to get their EAD/AP soon after, there are unicorn cases that are processed very quickly and proactivity has a hand in it 👌🏽 Good luck 🍀👍🏽
  4. Make sure you retain an experienced immigration lawyer and you’ll be ok, they cannot retaliate against you but instead expedite the process delays, especially if you’re outside of processing times for that long. I watch a live show on Facebook/YouTube with a very successful immigration lawyer here in NY (you can actually call and ask questions for guidance for free: Brad show live) and he talks about the mandamus all the time and he always says that the federal government prefers to speed up their gears instead of dealing with a lawsuit and decisions are made soon after, also you have a lawyer on top of it and they have more privileges when contacting USCIS or Embassies. Good luck 🍀👍🏽
  5. Mellamanlola

    i751 mess

    Wow 😮 you’re a true champion sir! You and your lawyer handled that so well given the circumstances cause it seems it was a lot of pressure to take from the IO!! Fingers crossed so that your ROC is approved cause you deserve it just for the simple fact of waiting 4 years for this!!! Good luck 🍀👍🏽
  6. Since you have a i130 pending it’s hard for you to get approved for a non immigrant visa because you already have immigrant intent. You could adjust status if you’re petitioned in the US after entering with a F1
  7. Which seems crazy to me because that’s one of the few states that gives driver licenses (or gave) undocumented immigrants a driver license 🤔 why would they make it so hard for k1s
  8. Mellamanlola

    I-797 please help

    It would really depend on the crime committed, the crimes banned from petitioning are well banned actually, crimes of moral turpitude, debatable.
  9. Mellamanlola

    I-797 please help

    Oh wow so they’re basically starting 🤐 as far as I understand if the USC petitioner doesn’t have any convictions of domestic violence or sexual in nature they can still petition, Ive read that even from jail, which to me is insane but anything is possible for a USC 👌🏽
  10. Mellamanlola

    I-797 please help

    If you just submitted paperwork (like aos for example), then that’s your receipt notice, meaning they received your application. After that you’ll get your fingerprint (biometrics appointment) and then NOTHING ELSE FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS while EAD and AP are processed, unless you’re on of those unicorn cases, in one of those unicorn states where they don’t have a backlog and they process everything in a breeze! I’ve seen cases here that were processed in 100 days, green cards in 100 days from filing...unheard of 🦄 good luck 🍀 I’m in NYS and just the EAD/AP took 6 months 🙃 and the wait time for interview is 17-34 months 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 🍀🍀
  11. I went to the DMV to take the permit test and passed. Showed EAD, marriage certificate, SSN and credit card. They took my picture, I paid the fee and that’s all. Your permit fee covers the DL when you take the road test. These documents will only be valid for the time your EAD is valid until you get a green card. If you read the approval letter it states that it doesn’t prove immigration status 🙃 but look at mine, it says temporary too in NYS
  12. Mellamanlola

    i751 mess

    I am well aware of some of the things people say their “lawyer” advised or did ending up in denials, RFEs, etc. I also am aware that you don’t need a lawyer for any immigration case unless you have a case that was misfiled or you have a notice to appear or something of the sort, like in my particular case where I’ve always done everything on my own by just following instructions. In any case, his was as simple as any but his low end “lawyer” made it harder than it had to be for him to handle on his own, reason why I recommend a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer i know that could guide him better than his did. I never heard about retaining a lawyer that would tell you what to do instead of doing it themselves, unless OP was only consulting and not retaining. OP hasn’t told us yet what the outcome to that “rice with mango” was. Hopefully a positive one 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
  13. Mellamanlola

    i751 mess

    Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know i had to be an IO to participate in this forum. I thought this was for regular people that were either undergoing or completed x or y immigration case and think they could give their opinion based on their own experience or what they thought could be best. To me, a mere MBA in business, not an immigration lawyer by any stretch but someone who has been able to handle all her immigration procedures by herself, simply following instructions, given the fact that this person’s removal of conditions was basically screwed over by their “immigration lawyer”, I recommend he should have a consultation with a good one I know. That’s all. You can most definitely give your own opinion without being snarky or rude just because you think you know so much more. Thanks!
  14. Mellamanlola

    Very confused I-90 - 10 year renew.

    Fair enough... in that case you can file online it online 👌🏽
  15. Mellamanlola

    Very confused I-90 - 10 year renew.

    Wait, are you removing conditions or replacing the actual plastic card? Also, why not apply for citizenship instead if it’s been 5/5 years since you had your gc? 🤔