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  1. Same here - regarding both the 1 year extension and the fast and courteous service. It seems they give you a year by default (I didn't ask for any specific amount) and it's no big deal. It is worth noting that the initial 4 months starts before you get the actual notice - so you won't have the full time. Given the amphur system, and the purposeful delays at the police department, I think it's pretty common for people in that area to need more time. As an aside, I've run into 3 different issues that required me contacting the BKK embassy (name correction, deadline extension, and withdrawing petition). Every issue was dealt with quickly. I wish the whole process were as easy.
  2. To follow up, I sent an email to the US Embassy in Bangkok (as that is where my particular case is) and received the following response: ------------------------- To request withdrawal of petition, the petitioner is required to submit an explanatory letter requesting a withdrawal of the petition with: - the petitioner’s signature - a copy of the petitioner’s U.S. passport or copy of U.S. federal ID with the petitioner’s signature. Please have it mailed to us at the following address: (specify your case reference number: BNK…) Immigrant Visa Unit US Embassy, Consular Section 120-122 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330 -------------------------
  3. Thank you, all, for the information. And thank you, almost all, for the lack of judgement.
  4. How does one cancel the K-1 visa process (specifically, while putting together Packet 3)? My previous relationship fizzled and died while putting together Packet 3 a few months ago. I'm in a new relationship now and if things go Really Well, I might be wanting to start the K-1 process a second time (because I refuse to learn from past experience :). For that previous Packet 3, the initial deadline was in November 2018 but I got an extension back then so, technically, it is still viable until November 2019. Do I have to do anything to "cancel" that first K-1 process, do I have to wait until November, or will it automatically die if I file a new I-129f with someone else? I recall there was some "Multiple Filer" stuff in the i-129f but it seemed to only pertain to criminal record issues (which, luckily, are not an issue here). Any help or advice will be much appreciated. The thought of starting this whole thing again is daunting, but at least I know what to expect once it gets going. ~Thank you. PS: I also think I recall reading about there being a limit of two I-129f applications (ever?). That should not be an issue as this would be my second, and (one way or the other) I don't foresee a third.
  5. " I notice you don't have a timeline, but I heard the NOA2 is good for 4 months. Hope you're not past that. " Because of the work/travel/police delays, our petition expired on November 30th (more than 2 months ago). I sent an email to the embassy and they say they extended it for a year. Then they mailed a letter to my fiance' saying that she needs to confirm her intent (in writing) before they revalidate the petition. We're putting that together now.
  6. Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the submission of our I-129F to officially start the process. We're currently working on Packet 3 - specifically the Police Clearance Certificate (which is now in the 8th week of it's 'expedited processing' with no end in sight). I haven't been to Thailand since last June because we've been saving up for the wedding & relocation and I thought this would wrap in December at the latest. Not we're looking at March or, more likely, April thanks to this. I'm worried now that the interviewer will say "You haven't seen her in 9 months? That's not a 'real' relationship."
  7. It gets better. After waiting 5 weeks for our 3 week processing, my fiance' went down to the station and was told they had 'lost' the paperwork. So she's gone back home (near Khon Kaen) to visit the amphur again and get another set of documents. She'll be going back to the BKK police HQ again next week - and probably have to pay the bribe again. So anyway, if the BKK police ask for a copy of your US tax returns with your fiance's police clearance paperwork, it's probably a bad sign. My assumption is that the clearance paperwork was tossed in the trash and the tax return sold for identity theft. I'll report back if we ever make it through this hoop.
  8. We paid the bribe and were told three weeks. It's been four weeks now and nothing yet.
  9. I sent my question to support@ustraveldocs.com. They were unable to give me a name and address for who or what would be receiving the visa application fee so, at least at my bank (PNC Pittsburgh), an Electronic Funds Transfer is not possible. The long response from USTravelDocs looked like sections of various stock answers that a non-native English speaker had cut-and-pasted into a reply. Nowhere was my actual question addressed, but one part said: "Please do informed that we cannot assist you further regarding with the payment process. " so that's that. I'm not going to risk antagonizing someone in a position to torpedo our application by asking for clarification (or someone who speaks English) - and I'm certainly NOT going to fill out the "feedback and suggestions" form that they link at the end of their response I've sent the money, paperwork, and instructions to my fiancee' in Bangkok to try paying at Krungsri in person. We'll see how that goes.
  10. About the "original" receipt being sent in; I don't think that there is anything about an EFT receipt (signature in ink, a stamp, raised seal, etc.) that would make it any different than the original piece of paper? And I'm not sure why it would matter as long as the money went through and you have a piece of paper with the numbers etc.. Seems like another hoop for the sake of hoops.
  11. We just finished the online D-160 and I want to pay the $265 "MRV" fee for a K-1 visa application so we can send in Packet 3. Since I am in the states I want to do this via Electronic Funds Transfer as outlined by USTravelDocs. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/th/th-niv-paymentinfo.asp lists the following instructions: Enter the following beneficiary details in your online banking form to complete your ACH Transfer (SMART) in THB only: Beneficiary Bank: Bank of America N.A., Bangkok Branch SWIFT CODE: BOFATH2X Bank Sort Code: 0270001 Account Number: 'Your Unique Virtual Account Number’ Amount: xxx.00 THB Only But the guy at my bank here in Pittsburgh needs to know the name and address of whomever is receiving the funds. Would that be the embassy? U.S. Embassy Bangkok Consular Section, Immigrant Visa Unit 120-122 Wireless Road, Lumpini Bangkok 10330 Or is there some third party that handles this? I wonder since TravelDocs is a commercial, rather than government, site - and the in-person Krungsri Bank deposit ticket also lists a "Bank of Ayudhaya PCL". Also, can I send $265 since that is the listed fee and it equates to 9010 Baht (at least for the next few days according to USTravelDocs) - or do I have to go through the extra steps of having my bank do the EFT in Baht? My bank can only do foreign currency exchange on weekdays and I was hoping to get this done ASAP - but I guess that's not an issue now since I need to wait on these answers regardless...
  12. We're preparing Packet 3 and it looks like we need certified translations of (only?) her Birth Certificate and Single Status Certificate. She has made the trek back to her hometown Amphur to obtain the Thai originals. My question is, do the certified translations have to be original documents, or can they be print outs of the certified translations? I see that there are places online where I can email in a document and get a certified translation emailed back. That would probably be faster for us since I'm in the US while she is in Bangkok. Would that be ok, or is there some sort of seal or original signature requirement that would make a print out of the certification unacceptable? For reference, I'm also looking at getting the translation done locally in BKK at a place recommended in these forums. I asked about pricing and have included the reply (with full info on the company) below: ------------------------------------------------ The cost is about 500 to 600 Baht per page. Kind Regards, Jammaree Express Translation Service & Travel Co., Ltd. 866 Phloenchit, Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel: 02-2555420-22, Fax: 02-2555423, Mobile : 084-6562459, 081-9051949 Email: express.translation@hotmail.com, express.translation@yahoo.com, jsornbun@hotmail.com https://www.facebook.com/expresstranslationservice/ Line: express866, idjammaree Opening hours : Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00, Sat 09.00-14.00
  13. Thanks for the translation info, I was going to ask about that. The Police Clearance Certificate does not need to be translated too? Ours is still processing so I haven't seen one yet. My note about the $325 application fee was a result of me looking at the wrong document (I was looking at a Packet 4 for something other than a K-1 visa). I've noticed in a couple of places that the document list mentions "Evidence of Domicile if applicable". Is that asking for proof that I live in the US? I would think that the address on my Tax Return and all the rest would prove well enough where I live, but I can toss in a copy of my lease if that is what they want.
  14. Yep, that's exactly what I did. Thank you for your help (and for your tolerance :).
  15. To update: I sent in a request for clarification and they extended the deadline. -------------------------------------------------------------- My request: I'm sorry but I do not fully understand. Does this mean that our request for an extension has been granted? The "Valid Dates" on our I-797 are listed as 01 AUG to 30 NOV but we will not receive our Police Certificate until some time in December - so we will need more time to submit our Packet 3 documents. -------------------------------------------------------------- The reply from visasbkkiv@state.gov: Your case has been updated per your request. By virtue of this email, your case will remain open until 14-NOV-2019. You can keep your case open by emailing us every 365 days. -------------------------------------------------------------- So it looks like everything is cool (though I REALLY hope we don't need the whole year :).
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