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  1. You've probably already read it, but just to be sure: there's some info on the US Embassy page here: https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/covid-19-information/ (Look under "Entry and Exit Information in Thailand). For the most part, it seems to reinforce what you've already found.
  2. We tried to do our interview a little while ago, but (after she went to the consulate and they went over all the papers) they rescheduled it because her Place of Birth needed to be updated on her DS-160 (we told them this a month ago and they said they fixed it with no need to unseal the webform, but apparently not). So anyway, we made the correction ourselves and they rescheduled the interview for April 1st. Then, of course, today they cancelled everything. What fun. She should have had her visa by now and we'd just be waiting for it to become safe to travel. Instead we have to wait for BKK to descend into whatever hell is coming and then eventually recover enough for the interviews to start up again. Of course by then the six-month window on the medical paperwork could well expire. They've met her, just didn't do the interview. They have all of our paperwork and it's very clear we are in a "real" relationship. I don't know why they can't just do the interview by phone (or waive it altogether) at this point.
  3. Turns out the cost discrepancy was because the quoted price included the additional vaccinations needed (5 shots total).
  4. Just got our Packet 4 stuff and it says that the exam at Bumrungrad Hospital costs 6,900 baht. My fiance' called to schedule her appointment yesterday and was told it would cost 13,200 Baht. Has the cost gone up, is this another "fee" like with the police certificate, or what? Anyone else done the exam recently and could let me know what they were charged? Since she is likely going to need some (expensive) vaccinations after this, so I'm concerned about the initial price doubling before they've even seen her.
  5. The interview is on the website so MARch much be correct. Wow - what an emotional roller-coaster. We were told it would be months before the interview and now, without warning, it's less than two weeks off! I'm not going to complain though. It will be tough to get everything ready in time now, but it's a great problem to have.
  6. A couple of weeks ago we got an email saying: "The appointment slots are full until the end of April. Currently, the interview appointments in May are not yet available." Then today (which is about the day we assumed May slots would become available) we get an email saying that our interview is scheduled for "16-MAR-2020" (like two weeks from now!) So do you think that suddenly new slots opened up in MAR (with so little warning), or did someone mean to type "MAY" but typed "MAR" by mistake? Obviously we'll show up in March - but that's going to be a real kick in the teeth if the actual appointment is still months away. I'm going to keep an eye on the schedule page (https://th.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/scheduled-appointments/) and see if our appointment shows up there when the PDF for May is posted. It will be awesome if the interview is actually so soon - though it's going to be a busy couple of weeks!
  7. Update: 38 days since we emailed in the three Packet 3 documents and nothing yet. Still waiting on an interview date, which we know will be at least 60 days from now. The hope is that, with March starting, they will be able to schedule interviews for May now - and that maybe we will get one of those.
  8. For reference, here's the message about the delay:
  9. I've heard now that the interview schedule is full through April, so I can't really help but sweat it. I thought we'd be together by now and instead we're looking at months (best case) and counting.
  10. To follow up: It's been 3 weeks since we e-mailed in those three Packet 3 documents. A week ago I sent another email and they said they had everything and I should wait another two weeks (for our Packet 4 and interview scheduling). The thing is, other people who sent stuff in later than us have gotten interview dates (some with responses the day after they e-mailed their documents!). Since, currently, interviews are being scheduled months from now - this unexplained delay is excruciating. My question is, what could be causing the delay? Are they waiting for confirmation on some data or other in our forms? Is there anything we can do? If anyone else has experienced this sort of delay in getting a scheduling response from sending the Packet 3 email, was there any explanation afterwards?
  11. Thank you for looking out for me but I made sure that the the images are too low rez to be readable, and purposefully changed anything that could be made out (like the BNK numbers). I felt it was important to post thumbs of what I sent so that if I had sent the wrong things (or not enough things), someone could let me know - and that it would also serve as an example for other people who may also be unsure what exactly is supposed to go in this new Packet 3 email.
  12. Thank you for letting me know (I figured I was probably stressing out about nothing :).
  13. So I e-mailed in the 3 documents requested in the Packet 3, Step 1 instructions and go this reply: In order to receive an interview appointment date, K visa applicants are required to scan and submit the three below documents by email for our review: · DS-2001 · DS-160 Confirmation Page · GSS Confirmation Page You will not receive an interview appointment date until we receive all the DS-2001, DS-160, and GSS confirmation pages. I don't know if this is just an automated response, or if it actually means there is something wrong with what I sent in. I sent the PDFs that their website generates for the confirmation pages and a PDF of the DS-2001 form made from a cleaned-up photo of the physical form. These are documents that would be trivial to print out on their end - or save as digital files. So if their response is a complaint, I don't know what they want instead. Maybe just jpeg images? Below is a super-low rez shot of the docs I sent in. If anyone has successfully been through this step, could you let me know if you received this same message, and what happened after that? Thank you.
  14. For Packet Three, we need to e-mail the DS-2001, DS-160 confirmation page, and GSS confirmation page to the consulate. Does it matter which of us (myself here in the US, or my fiance in Thailand) sends the actual e-mail (assuming the other will be CC'ed on it regardless)? I ask because it's easier for me to handle it on my end (on my PC rather than her phone) but I don't want to cause any problems or delays. As always, thanks for the help!
  15. With further research, I have confirmed that things have indeed changed between last year and this year, so now nothing is physically mailed in. So I don't need a reply unless someone knows for certain that I am wrong (in which case please let me know!). I assume that the consulate will mail us instructions and such once they have our paperwork from the US processed. We just received the NOA2 letter and (since I happen to be visiting Thailand next week) wanted to get rolling on the next step ASAP. Which brings up another question: Is it even possible to fill out the forms to e-mail in for Packet 3 (DS-2001, DS-160, and GSS page) immediately after getting NOA2? Or is there information (case number maybe?) required in those forms that make it necessary to wait for the consulate to send us some paperwork before we can finish the forms? I appreciate any help. I'll see how far I can get with those forms on my own and maybe I can answer my own question again
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