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  1. Thank you! One last question, I recently changed my name, should I apply with my new name on the form? Or use my maiden name?
  2. My husband and I are finally looking at filing for AOS/EAD/AP. However, I have some questions and need guidance. When applying for them I have heard you need to treat them as separate aka need to attach documents to each form. Does the marriage certificate need to be a copy or actual certificates? What else should be submitted along side the whole package ? A thorough answer would be appreciated.
  3. I came to America on a k1 visa on the 11th last month. We are planning to have a court wedding on the 4th of October that is near to the 90 day expiration date. Does having a wedding date close to expiration date and then applying for AOS hinder our case in any way? I need advice so that if needed we can push the date ahead instead. Is it okay to apply for AOS after the 90 day period?
  4. Hi, Hope all went good for you both!
    if I may bother you with few questions...
    after NVC sending the case over to embassy in Mumbai, did you receive any packets? if so how many and what all were they consist of? 
    Thank you again!!!

  5. APPROVED FINALLY ! Goodluck to everyone else waiting for their interviews
  6. As far as I know after you get approved for K1 your ceac changes to NON immigrant before issuing your visa. So you’re good to go!
  7. Haven’t even had my interview yet but have been following this thread and been secretly rooting for you guys all along. SO happy for you!
  8. I’m not quite sure how you managed to secure only a biometrics appointment and not the embassy appointment because those go side by side, literally. Like first you schedule your VAC and then it takes you to another page where you see the available embassy dates. So that’s confusing to me. Anyway, I guess you just go over the same procedure again but make sure you see the “embassy appointment” and click on a date. That’s the only way how to do it online as far as I’m aware of or you could always ask the embassy people for help.
  9. Dee & Will


    Oh, I’ve heard about some states taking a while to verify. But it’s almost always within 2-3 weeks max a month. I’ve also heard some police men ask for bribes. But you’re not supposed to fall for that xD but hey, this is india lol.
  10. Probably not as I received my case number on a Thursday before the last shipment and didn’t make it 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. Absolutely. Once your case reaches NVC you gotta call them after atleast 10 days for your case number. Once you do get it you can check your status on CEAC to see how your case is moving.
  12. Everyone says you gotta wait till CEAC status shows “Ready” as it indicates your case has reached your embassy. But some people go ahead and schedule it before that anyway. Since most dates are usually 2 months away so. I guess it depends 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. I second them in saying you’re not the only one as here I am! Lol. My case didn’t make it to the last shipment either.. and I’ve also already scheduled my interview 2 months away.. I’m clearly hopeful. All we can do is hope for the best and not stress.
  14. Anyone know when’s the next shipment? My case number was issued on the 25th of April but it’s showing still at NVC.
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