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  1. Dee & Will

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    After the visa fees is paid is when you get the confirmation. So you can easily take a picture of the confirmation and send? I’m not sure what’s taking her 2 months. But this seems more of a bigger issue than just visa fee. You need to talk it out with her and see what’s going on.
  2. My fiancé left that bit out in our i129f where he was asked to write my name in my native language thinking it wasn’t mandatory. Kindly let me know if it is or isn’t. thank you
  3. Dee & Will

    Any idea about Mumbai consulate?

    Hello guys, my fiancé and I met 10 months ago on OkCupid. When he visited me for the 2nd time we went to Thailand together where he proposed to me. A month later we filed our application. We do not have an age gap. But we are an interracial couple. I was wondering how Mumbai consulate treats interracial couples who met online like us. We do have substantial proof of relationship. And I know everything about him. I just want to know what to expect. thank you!
  4. Hello guys, we just received our NOA1 a week after filing. My fiancé put in our application perfectly but then I noticed a small error on my Facebook post. The one he included a screenshot of.He proposed to me on our recent trip, it was just us two we didn’t have an engagement party or anything of that sort. And when I posted pictures of our engagement on my Facebook, I wrote a long note that ended with me saying “ it was the easiest thing to say I DO” when i really meant “to say YES” and now I’m a little bummed over that. It really was an honest mistake. However, the rest of our proof clearly indicates an engagement and not a wedding. He’s even included the screenshot of him asking for my mother’s permission before he asks me to marry him. And everything point towards an engagement. I’m hoping we don’t get an RFE just for this small blunder. Any help would be appreciated I just want to stay positive.
  5. Hey guys, I wanted to know the visa photo requirements. I followed the 2”x2” ( 51 x 51 mm). With a white background. But I left my hair down. I was wondering what are your experiences regarding this? Thanks.
  6. It’s extremely comforting to know you we’re on a similar boat. And congratulations! Mind giving me some more information regarding the interview process ? What are the type of information they’re hoping to find like questions etc . I do have all the basic knowledge of my fiancé.
  7. I’m the beneficiary, I’m from Mumbai (India). I’m a little confused about the ring, do we or do we not show it ? And yes we do have proof of seeing each other. He has his flight tickets and hotel bookings and ofcourse our pictures together.
  8. My fiancé and I met on OKC. I hope it doesn’t trigger suspicion about it being an IMB but we have still contacted the OKC support regarding it and they have stated that they aren’t. Besides that, my fiancé and I are 7 months into the relationship where we have met once for a week and we are meeting for the second time next month after which we shall be applying for our K1 Visa because by then we would have more pictures/ proof and a ring. We are very much in love and we could not be more sure of our decision but we’re just worried if what we have is enough. Kindly let us know
  9. We are going to be starting our K1 process soon so I’d like to know what documents does he need to send me in detail. Any tips regarding K1 Visa application would be appreciated.