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  1. Hi Everyone! My husband will be entering LAX tomorrow. Is there anything he should know? How is the POE process? Do they take you to a room? Do they require you to have a certain amount of money with you? Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. My husbands visa was APPROVED! Thank you everyone for the prayers! I am BEYOND HAPPY!!
  3. Our priority date was Dec 14, 2017. Our CC was August 31 and we got interview Sept 17th! Thank you 🙏
  4. My husband has his interview tomorrow at 7am! 😩😩😩 I’m so nervous, please pray for us 🙏🙏
  5. Good morning!! My Husbands interview is on Tuesday at 7am. In 3 days... I feel like I can’t breathe!! Im so nervous 😫 I feel like my fate is in somebody else’s hands. Any tips for his interview?
  6. Thank you! And yes I remember being so confused and upset but the person from nvc actually logged into my account read all the messages saw my documents and told me everything was fine. We actually got the interview fairly quick. My husbands interview is Oct 9, next week! When we got it, it was barely 3 weeks away! Ahhhh I hope your problem is resolved 😫
  7. when I got cc, I also got 3 messages on ceac. One of them said to sumbit my husbands police certificate which I had already done. And the other message said to resumbit something. And the last one said documentarily qualified and everything had checks on it too! When I called the man was very helpful and polite and he told me it was just an error in the system. That everything was okay. That if I already got the documentarily qualified than I shouldn’t worry and he told me that everything was perfect. I think you should call again and get a second opinion.
  8. Good morning! 🌞 My husband has his interview on the 9th of Oct. I noticed there was a small error on the i-130 petition. Do you think they still look at the i-130? Should he mention or wait for it to be mentioned ? Any advice is appreciated!
  9. Thank you so much for helping me!! I probably would have left it that way, I actually emailed them and it was a mistake on their part and they took it off! Thank you 🙏
  10. Hi again! Sorry to be so annoying Im nervous, so I tried to register for the courier service with the link they gave me, does this look about right? What is the ds-160 confirmation number on the bottom? We only filled out the ds-260. Im pretty confused!
  11. Good morning everybody! quick question, is the petitioners original birth certificate required for the interview?
  12. Hello! Ive been a silent follower group of this group for a while now! My CC was 8/30 and my husband got his appointment today for 10/9 at the Guatemala Embassy. Im super excited !
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