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  1. Congratulation! Wow must be amazing!
  2. Got P3 from Stockholm embassy today and interview booked for April 25t! Results of medical was also just sent off today! Wuhuu
  3. This made my morning! So happy for you guys, I wish you all the best, good luck on everything!!
  4. Good luck !!! 🤞🤞🤞
  5. JosephineAndBobby

    Scandinavians Part 2

    yeah with it have been delivered this morning I really hope to hear something end of next week 🤞 We are so eager by now too! No I think it went quite fast, I called in about a week and a half ago asking for a time in early April , and got one on the 5th so not long (finished it today ) Always nice to hear from others in same situation!
  6. JosephineAndBobby

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Hi we have almost same dates, our: NOA1 Sept 26 and NOA2 Feb 14 I´m the beneficiary from DK. Just like LisaN did, I booked my medical as soon as we got the NVC case nr., and just finished the medical in Copenhagen today actually. I have tracked what would seem to be the DHL shipment of our cases to the Stockholm embassy and just this morning "Vakten" signed for it. So fingers crossed that our cases have arrived at the embassy. Also if you haven´t now is a good time to fill out DS-160 and create an account on the Swedish embassy. I don´t know when we will hear from the embassy, I´m hoping to hear something end of next week. But I don´t know.
  7. I think they have only just begun updating, it can show up anytime now, today and tomorrow, hang in there! 🤞
  8. Yaaay just checked CEAC and status say " In Transit" Wuuuuhuu! Good luck everyone!
  9. I´m there with you! Waiting anxiously!
  10. Okay I see, thank you But if you have had NVC case nr. for a while, there is a good chance your case might also ship out on the 2nd, I have my fingers crossed for you! 🤞
  11. What email did you receive, if you don't mind me asking? I´m tripping for it to be Tuesday already and our case hopefully will be shipped to the embassy 🤞
  12. Our NOA2 had my A number..I got way too excited about that 😂 but when I filled out the DS - 160 last week, I don't recall it asking for the A nr? So haven´t used the A number yet. Are the DS-160 different from country to country?
  13. At least you are well on your way to the NOA2 then!