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  1. Hi, I´m finding it hard to apply for the covered California health insurance market place. I have made the online application and submitted the documents BUT my AOS NOA1 doesn´t seem to be enough since they keep asking me to uplaod "proof of immigration status". I´m now worried I can not get heath insurance through the Covered Cal marketplace? My husband (USC) is also applying now through covered cal, so he dosen´t have any insuarance he can put me on to. I have read a few others have asked similar questions but with no answer, I hope something can help answering me. TIA
  2. Thank you, I will keep a little spot open in my mind then, that it could happen, but I´m still relieved that it is´nt that common!
  3. Our case just changed to "ready to be scheduled for interview"- NBC ! Yay! I remember to heave read that this means we don´t have to worry anymore about getting an RFE request, can anyone confirm that?
  4. It´s the exactly the same thing I did, no options except the language, just sent one - baptism/birthcertificate
  5. Hi Reverie, I´m sorry I wont be able to help ypu much, I just want to confirm you thoughts about wether there is such thing as a more "sufficient" birthcertificate and I dont think so?? I´m not too wondering the same, we just filled AOS a week ago (came here on K1 as well) and I also "just" have the baptism and birthcertificate with english danish, and I have never seen another type and I went a got a "new" one or the K1 so I don´t imagine they would have different ones og "longer" ones...but we´ll see in a few months.. also please keep us updated what you find out. Also my husband is being my sponser and I´m wondering, giving his income only just being a bit over the required if that will be sufficient, since I have heard a few people now getting an RFE requesting joint sponser even if the sponser meets or even is above the requirements.. Again I don´t have any idea either why they say its "not from the petitioning sponsor".. Annoying they dont specify it more.. I´m sorry I am no help and I hope you figure it out, but know you are not the only one and the RFE you got wonders me too. And I´m sorry to hear about your family, I know how hard it is not being able to go back and visit, and then especially when illness hits...
  6. Hi Everyone, I´m joining the group my AOS packet should be delivered today! 🤞 I hope everyone has a smooth and fast process!
  7. Exactly, no notification at all on if it was sent or arrived or anything. And the big envolope didn´t even have a plastic inning, which should be standard I think...But i guess I think all you can do is maybe contact the embassy and ask if it is shipped ( even though yes I agree they are a bit impatient with us they don´t understand how much it means and afflects us) and also of course keep an eye on the mail box everyday and look for both the package or a note saying it is in the post office.
  8. Hi I had the same interview date for the K1 visa. My CEAC changed to Issued on April 26 and it was sent from the embassy on April 29th, I can see on the envelope..I then found it in our the shed a week after because I didn't know it had been sent and unfortunately it had gotten a bit wet, even the "don´t open envelope" was a bit wet, but I just have to pray that everything is fine. I contacted the embassy and they said there is nothing they can do, only if the "don't open envelop" had been open they could repack it, but they can´t do anything about being wet, it´ll just dry and hopefully everything will be fine.. Anyway my point is I guess it has arrived maybe on May 1st.. But so they don't necessarily send it out the same day it´s issued. Mine was sent 3 days after it was issued. And be sure to check the mail box for any missed deliveries notes that might have to be picked up at the post office or if you have an agreement that they can leave it somewhere. It can arrive any day now I guess.
  9. Yes you don´t have to worry about that at all ! Good luck!
  10. Hi! Good luck on the interview 🤞 I flew back to Denmark without my passport and it was no problem at all. Didn´t actually have to show any ID at any time in the Airport, and even if you´ll just show your drivers license/ valid ID. Because of EU rules, you don't have to show passport if you are an EU citizen traveling from another EU country into Denmark
  11. Hi, Congratulations! I just had my K1 visa interview on Thursday in Stockholm as well and was approved ! I was told it would take up to 14 days to the passport to be mailed to Denmark, and she said that it might be necessary to pick it up at the post office in Denmark. But for some reason she didn't really say for sure she just mentioned it. Either way count on 14 days. Our CEAC visa status has already changed to Non-immigrant visa "ISSUED" but I´m still counting on the 14 days to receive it in Denmark
  12. It must ! Soon he´ll be with you! Good luck with everything forward! Thank you! The interview day is getting closer, hope I have everything, I think I do I look so much forward to it being done and (hopefully) aproved! 🤞🤞
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