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  1. Hi, So we received an email this morning stating that our request to expedite was approved! We go the case no two days ago and paid the fees yesterday. I tried to call my embassy today but they already closed for the weekend so I’ll call them Monday again to ask for some information too. My questions are: - Do they call me or send me an email telling me about the next step and how long is the normal wait for that? - when I logged in at CEAC it now says that our case is under review at the embassy where my interview will be held (that I should complete and submit IV for DS-260 and after that submit requested documentation); Since we paid yesterday I am waiting for the payment to clear and after that I will upload the docs. It doesn’t state that we should upload any financial docs for the sponsor so I assume they only review that at my embassy? - How long does it take in general (know it depends on the embassy/country) to schedule the medical and the interview? Reason for expediting is health related and every case is unique:) Thanks!
  2. Hi all! We are currently waiting for our case number and NVC received our case from Nebraska (Cr1) in August 26th. Maybe this question is answered anywhere in the tread(s), but I couldn’t find it when I had a quick look. My husband just relocated to the US from Europe where he lived for a few years. He filed his taxes here and everything is in order (he recently filed for 2018 since he had and extension). My question relates to if we still need a sponsor or if he’s income is enough since he started to work in the US last week. He’s income is well above the poverty guidelines but I wasn’t sure if the income is qualified since he just started (even if the salary is enough). Are there any requirements on how long you need to have had an income in the States? Living abroad he also had a good income if they want to look at the full year. He finished up a few weeks before he started this new job to have some time for relocating. Should we send in his contract and the first payslip(s)? I really want to have everything in order and fully prepared since I’m pregnant and would love to be done before it’s time for delivery. If needed his mom will sponsor us. If my husbands parents files jointly, do we need documents from his dad too or only documents from the sponsor? Thanks!
  3. We got approved today after only 148 days! Sent in a I-129f with PD May 29th 2019 and an hour ago I got an email saying that my case was updated. Logged in and our I-130 was approved!! Still no updates regarding the K3 visa (I was expecting an update on that one, but still “case received”). Time to read and prepare everything for the next step at NVC. I wish that we sent in the K3 sooner but read to many “it’s just gonna be denied” so we didn’t, but I’m pretty convinced that it works!
  4. I actually saw someone in a Facebook group that might get the K3 denial letter any day (person had an online (?) update) and their Pd was 2 weeks after ours... so you might be lucky😀
  5. Do you only get the NOA2 by regular mail or is it like the NOA1 where you also receive an email? Since we’re both living abroad we can’t receive text messages. We’re waiting for NOA2 for I-130/K3 and hopefully we’ll hear something soon since there were some people getting updates a month after K3 NOA1 and our K3 PD is is May.
  6. Ok, thanks! I will go to the one in Gothenburg too if I proceed from Sweden - good to know it is a good one! Good luck at the NVC-stage, I hope it is a quick one for you:)
  7. Congrats! I might continue my process from Sweden since my husband probably will move to the US before me (job offer) and I am not staying in Ireland without him. Do you know how long the wait is for a medical/interview in Stockholm (or if you are thinking about getting the medical in Gothenburg) when we finally get to that stage?
  8. Hi, Yes, that is a good point that if the K3 is approved, you need to go the AOS route, but we were happy to do that and pay more in the end if it helped us getting our lives started in the US faster. We talked about doing the K1 visa first (which is similar in the process I guess to the K3), but we really wanted some of my family to be present at our wedding and they wouldn't be able to attend if we didn't get married in Sweden for different reasons. We will have a big party in the US when we have settled down so it feels like a "win" for me to almost have 2 weddings lol!
  9. Hi all, Just curios how many of you that also filed for the K3 (I-129f)? What is your pd for I-130 and K3 and have you heard anything? Pd for our I-130 is February 20, 2019 and pd for the K3 is May 29. We were thinking about sending the K3 earlier but reading online everyone said it was administratively closed, but seeing some fast approvals for the I-130 hopefully this will help us getting the NOA2 faster. Both the I-130 and K3 are processed at Nebraska. I saw a person in a facebook group that had the K3 denied a week ago and got the I-130 approved at the same time. Think the K3 pd was May 20 2019. Another one I saw got the K3 denied/I-130 approved about 3 months after sending in the K3.
  10. Right!? I’ve seen a few persons who got an approval pretty quick from Nebraska so hopefully it’s not just pure luck and that the K3 really speeds things up!
  11. Our PD for the K3 visa is May 29th so I have no idea when we will hear back. Only downside with the K3 visa is that IF they approve it before the I-130, then you need to do an AOS instead and that is more expenisve and might take some time as well. But after talking about it we felt like it was "worth it".
  12. Yes, it took forever but we got an email late yesterday (UK time zone) and the PD is May 29th. Ended up in Nebraska so we’ll see if it will help us or not! It was more or less only €50 to send the petition to Uscis (tracked mail) and worst case they will approve the K3 visa before the I-130, but if it speed things up were okay with that. I think we need to do AOS if they approve the K3 and it’s not the preferred scenario but we would be happy to do it if it speed things up. Hopefully they cancel the K3 and approve the I-130 faster but who knows!?
  13. Hi! We actually decided to try the same thing and our I-129f arrived at USCIS yesterday. Our PD is 02/22 (Nebraska....) and we thought that we didn't really have anything to lose by sending in another form (I-129f). Even if the K3 is "administratively closed", if it speed up the I-130, I don’t complain at all! If nothing happens, well then we at least tried to do what we could. A faster approval on the I-130 is absolutely something that we prefer before an approval of a K3 visa, but both are better than the waitingJ.
  14. We got en email yesterday saying that our package was received and will be processed by Nebraska Service Center. A great 7.5-10 months of waiting starts now;) Hopefully everything runs pretty smooth!
  15. Hi there! We filed our package this week and it should be arriving today. We’re living in Ireland and I can’t wait until this process is over lol! My husband is the US-citizen. I know that we sent all documents needed, but I am still nervous that we missed something...
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