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  1. I just got our approval!!!!!! I am over the moon . Best Valentine´s Day Gift Ever!!! Heads up everyone...i have checked both websites non stop and my approval never showed...just got the approval notice in the mail. So yours might be on the way!!! Good Luck to all my fellow October filers.
  2. Candice & Camilo

    Statement from Employer-affidavit of support

    Thank you both for your help! I do have an HR company so I will probably do both things to make sure I’m covered.
  3. I am beginning to get the items together that I will need for the affidavit of support but I have a question about the employer letter. I have worked for the company for 14 years and 3 years ago became part owner of the company. The the other owner is more of a silent partner. She owns a higher percentage of the company than myself. I am paid as a normal employee and I am unsure if I need to have her complete and sign a letter for me about the status of my job? I receive an W2. Thanks! Candice
  4. I noticed that as well and was all smiles...hopefully it stays that way
  5. Hello! I have a question about the NOA1 date that I need to input. The letter I received in the mail had the Received date of October 2nd but the notice date is October 8th. Do I go by the receive date or notice date on the timeline?