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  1. I’m using a co-sponsor because even though i have my degree and worked my ### off to become a teacher we’re sadly not all lucky enough to be in careers where we make tons of money and I’d hate if something like not being able to have a co-sponsor could keep me from being with the love of my life❤️
  2. Hey guys! Does anyone here happen to know about visa requirements for grand cayman? My fiancé lives in Rostand Honduras but his mother lives in grand cayman and wants him to fly there first to see her before he leaves. Which would work out great because the next day there would be a direct flight from grand cayman to Chicago. However, I’m not sure as a Honduran citizen if he can be in grand cayman for 16 hours with no visa, and his mother doesn’t know either. Anyone??
  3. My fiancé has his medical tomorrow morning! 🙌🏼
  4. Yessss 🙌🏼 I feel your pain lol my fiancé will probably end up taking two connections to finally reach Chicago 😩 which sucks because Chicago is supposed to be a great POE but his POE will end up being Miami which is super crowded I’m sure. Just wish airlines flew direct more often 😩
  5. Refreshes every day but never shows a location just “in transit”. I shipped it February 27th priority international 😩 just wondering if i need to start recreating the entire binder i sent and send it with UPS instead.
  6. I’ve been tracking it but it’s said the same thing for 4 days, which is just “in transit to final destination”. I’m just worried it may be lost.
  7. That’s what Usps told me is it’s possibly sitting in Honduras waiting to go through customs... do you or anyone else know if something is airmailed does it go straight there to that country?? Or stop in other countries first?
  8. @Greenbaum do you have any type of idea how post offices work internationally? I mailed out my packet of stuff my fiancé needs last Wednesday the 27th. They said it left the Chicago and presumably the country on March 2nd but now still no sign of it or communication about where the package is. Usps said it could be sitting in Honduras waiting to be scanned but I’m starting to worry 😩
  9. @celie&joseph i swear we’re just like K1 twins, we have our interview the 20th and was struggling with embassy requiring my original divorce decree as well 😂
  10. No, just my one case number
  11. Ours is already changed to Ready as well😁 our interview is scheduled for March 20th!
  12. Congrats to everyone! ❤️ This is so exciting!
  13. In transit now 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  14. Still at NVC 😭😭😭
  15. What time of morning should we start checking? 😅😅