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  1. Welp I wish I had good news to share but my husband did not pass his medical exam (supposedly spots showed up on his lung xray but I have yet to see it). He is stuck in Mexico for the next 8 weeks while we wait for his lab results. Good news is if his results come back negative then he should get another interview 2-3 weeks after. It was a complete surprise to us as he is an avid marathoner, but I guess you never know. Thank the stars for after school care or I'd be screwed. It could always be worse; positive thinking from here on out. My husband does get to see his parents and sister in person tomorrow for the first time in decades, very grateful for this :)
  2. I FINALLY got an update on our visa status page - no appointment notice yet, but my understanding is that this means you were given an interview date... going to call the Juarez consulate on Wednesday if we don't hear anything by then. PS apparently reading an update that hasn't changed since 2019 will give you a mini heart attack !! Fingers and toes crossed my husband gets to spend Christmas with family he hasn't see in 23 years
  3. Wanted to update you the consulate is back on giving appointments I received mine for nov 3. Good luck hope you get yours soon

    1. Clarebear101


      Congrats!!! We talked to the consulate today and they are going to "escalate" our case... not holding our breath tho.  Just hope we get a date before the New Year :)

  4. Our case has been "ready" since 9/12 We called the Juarez consulate last week and confirmed all of our contact info was correct, and they said we just have to keep waiting for the appointment email. I've seen those with cases "ready" early-mid August have been getting appointments for October so I figure we will get a November or December interview, hopefully before Christmas!
  5. You can call the Juarez consulate to see if they have any cancellations. We’re just going to wait for our appointment, we made it this far we can wait another month.
  6. My visa status just changed to READY gah so exciting, the thought of my husband seeing his family in person for the first time in 22 years what a Christmas present!!
  7. Did you get the expedite email this morning? Some people got an expedite email on August 12th that are still waiting for an appointment so I figure we will probably get a date by end of October
  8. Thanks!! Was on hold for about 1.5 hours (usual) put it on speaker and hunkered down with a good book. Agent I spoke to was absolutely lovely. She spoke to her supervisor to make sure I didn’t have to submit any updated docs (we are a mail in case, not electronic)
  9. Cc August 2019 same! Changed to IN TRANSIT today. Next is READY and then an appointment date. I talked to NVC today and the agent said to expect an email within the month, so we are thinking a late October date 💕💕
  10. Good, I think we are finally getting dates! Let me know when you do and I’ll do the same.
  11. NVC is adding your attorney to your service list (form DS-261), nothing to do with your appointment. Was this status previously “Case at NVC”? Hopefully you get an appointment soon - they are moving along June-August 2019cc IR1 both in US I’ve seen
  12. Hi! It’s been “action required: submit requested documents” since 4 days ago. Before that it was “case at NVC” for almost 2 years - We’ve already submitted all documents though
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