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  1. Hello Everyone, PLEASE HELP me to determine whether I should contact NVC to chance the assigned embassy for my wife's CR1 Interview. I am a USC and she is from Iran and residing there. Her case was DQ'd in March of 2022 and NVC has assigned the case to the Abu Dhabi US Embassy (by default). For Iranian residents, the three choices for US embassies are, Ankara, Yerevan and Abu Dhabi. Ankara is severely backlogged and they do not process non Turkish residents at the moment and Abu Dhabi seems to be the default choice when NVC assigns cases for Iranians. Based on feedback I heard from others waiting for an appointment, Abu Dhabi is discriminating when it comes to assigning interview dates for non UAE residents. Some Iranians, Iraqi, and Kurdish nationalities are waiting without any update on an interview letter for 12-18 months already. However, if you are a UAE resident the waiting time is about 6 months. Yerevan (Armenia) is the last option and it seems they are not as backlogged. Question that I have: If I call NVC and ask them to assign my wife's case to Yerevan, would that set me back again and I start from day zero for Yerevan? I already waited 4 months past DQ in the Abu Dhabi queue I would appreciate any other advise you can share with me regarding changing embassies. Thanks you!
  2. That is indeed strange...... Are you a US citizen residing in UAE waiting for your spouse's interview date? I have a feeling 6-9 months is a normal timeframe moving forward till the backlog is resolved. No comment on wait times for people that were DQ's during pandemic. Also this is regarding the CR1/IR1 visa categories. For all other categories there seems to be an even longer wait time.
  3. Hello, came across this site which estimates the processing timeline and backlog for each US embassy based on visa category. Looks like after NVC DQ for a CR1/IR1 visa at Abu Dhabi the estimated wait time is about 6 months. https://visawhen.com/consulates/abu-dhabi https://visawhen.com/consulates/abu-dhabi/cr1ir1
  4. Hello Everyone, Need your advise. I am the US citizen petitioner living in the states. My wife is from Iran and her I-130 was recently approved. We are in the process of finalizing the NVC document gathering process. Two Questions: 1. My wife was never married before we met but I had a divorce five years ago. Should I upload my divorce decree under the beneficiary's civil documents section on the NVC website? 2. According to the State Department's website (below link) people from Iran applying for immigration visa: "Police records are not required for immigrant visa applicants because posts cannot verify them." ......... However, on NVC's website it shows Police Certificate as a required civil document. What should I do? https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/IranIslamicRepublicof.html Police Certificates Available Comments: Available but unreliable. Police records are not required for immigrant visa applicants because posts cannot verify them. Clean record certificates can be obtained in Iran or from Iranian Embassies and Consulates, and the physical appearance of the certificate changes significantly depending on which authority issued it.
  5. Hello everyone, My I-130 for my wife who is from Iran was approved on 08/24 and today I received an e-mail from NVC with my log-in details. Because my wife is residing in Iran our choices for US Embassy locations are: Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Armenia. Due to Covid-19, the US embassy in Turkey is not accepting any visa cases unless you are a Turkish national or residence (per their website). So I was planning to pick Armenia instead and thought I can make that selection when I start the NVC process. However, when I logged in to the NVC website today to pay the fees, I noticed on the top right it states "Interview Location: ABU DHABI". I never picked this embassy and was surprised, the interview location has already been chosen. Questions I need your input on: 1. Does NVC make the selection of the US embassy for the consular interview for you, or can I pick and/or change that? 2. Does anyone know how I can find out the workload and interview wait times for the Abu Dhabi or Armenia embassies? Appreciate your feedback on this.
  6. Hi, My wife is from Iran and there is no US embassy in Iran. Usually, the choices for embassies are Ankara/Turkey, Yervan/Armenia or Abu Dhabi/UAE. Based on feedback from people on the forums, Ankara is extremely backlogged and very slow in scheduling interviews. People are waiting 9 months already and still have not heard anything after being DQd. My question is 1. Can we pick which embassy we prefer at NVC stage (or does NVC assign the embassy)? 2. Can one determine what the approximate wait time is for scheduling interviews at various embassies? I totally understand that there is a huge backlog of people waiting to be scheduled and there is a wait period. However, it appears certain embassies are faster than others due to volume or COVID shutdowns in those respective countries. lastly, once an embassy location is picked, how difficult is it to transfer the case to another country given the backlog situation? Appreciate your feedback.
  7. Thanks @yusef94 ! That is crazy. Your case is at NVC waiting for the Ankara to schedule the interview? You cannot transfer your own case? Once you pick which country/embassy you are stuck with that choice?
  8. @Khloey @yusef94 @Aynur Did you all get an appointment for the CR1 visa interview from Ankara? I need to make a decision which embassy to pick for my wife's interview coming from Iran. Which country/embassy do you recommend for Iranians given the current situation with Covid? Appreciate any feedback you can share. Thanks!
  9. You are correct. I got both documents translated again. I was also told the translations cannot be summary translations and need to be as detailed as possible resembling the original document. Apparently, USCIS, is much more stringent on exact translations and requires a translation authenticity certificate/statement that goes along with the translation. I am resubmitting tomorrow.
  10. The birth certificate is officially translated with a stamp. The Marriage certificate has already multiple translations on the paperwork. I can understand if they want an official sealed translation of the marriage certificate but the birth certificate I am at a loss. Grrrr..... I was so excited and now this. Any other thoughts appreciated.....
  11. Thanks, I got an update the same day but it resulted in a RFE for English translation of the birth certificate and marriage certificate. I already had included those in my submission. I have no idea why they would be asking for them again. I filed paper based. Is it possible some pages got lost? Any idea what is going on?
  12. That is not my question. I understand the timeline. It does not show how long it took to go from actively reviewed to NOA2.
  13. @top_secretHow long did your case take from "actively reviewed" status to NOA2 approved?
  14. @callmecshow long did it take for your case to go from "Actively being reviewed" to when you saw the approval letter (NOA2) in the documents section of the USCIS website? My case flipped to "Actively being reviewed" this morning after one month from NOA1 letter date. My case is being processed at Nebraska.
  15. Paul, it is more confusing than that....... 03/29 text message / online status say Nebraska 04/02 receive 1st 797-C letter from the Texas Service Center 04/02 Called CIS agent and she has no idea why I have received a 797C notice and thinks its a glitch in the system. She says a notice has not been sent yet and my case is with Nebraska According to Dasf a second 797-C will be coming with more info and will include the online access code
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