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  1. I don’t know when is NVC received date haha...😅 My fiancé called NVC and got case number on 15th morning. I got email from NVC on 16th morning tho. Haha...
  2. Ours didn’t ship today:/ I hope ours ship next shipment😁
  3. Finally we got case number! They said our case is in processing to transit embassy. NOA2 : Jan 23rd Case number : Feb 15th (: So now I have to get my Japan's police record because I've lived in Japan for 8 years But it takes for 2 months to get it...Ew.
  4. My fiancé got NOA2 hard copy today! Old site : August 24th, hard copy notificate date : August 23rd. I hope you get approval soon!
  5. I’m not sure it’s normal or not, but I was same😅 but I got approved August 24th on old website. And my NOA1 was around August 27-30th. Lol (old website was August 27th, but didn’t know on new website and we didn’t have NOA1 hard copy😅🤣) New website still wasn’t updated. You don’t need to worry too much about this! hope you get approval soon!
  6. Omg omg! I think I got approval today! I got notification mail from oldsite and it says my case was approved. At the same time, my fiancé got text from USCIS our case was updated. Old website : case was approved New website : nothing changed. Our NOA1 was Old website : Aug 27th New website : don’t know (because it showed me only our case was received. No date.) I cannot sleep tonight 🤣 (I’m in Japan and here is at 2:30 am)
  7. We haven’t received NOA1 hard copy either because of post office delivery person delivered wrong address two times. Didn’t you get case number via email or text message?
  8. I just could see the same one that I always see even though I check it on my desktop. Well I can check my case status on old website though 🙂 Actially we didn’t get NOA1 hard copy because the post office where near my fiancé house delivered wrong address. And we sent email to USCIS to resend it to my fiancé address but the post office did again wrong deliverd. Haha well even if we didn’t get hard copy but we knew USCIS sent it and they are processing our case 🙂 hahaha
  9. I can see that same one as you on the new website though.
  10. I did this! but I didn’t get anything tho haha...
  11. Mm hmm. I didn sigh up on new and old site. I think I resisterd something wrong so I’ll tell my fiancé to make account(: thank you! Right buttons? What’s that right buttons? Thank you!(: Really? Did you check your case status regularly? I do this everyday tho haha. Thank you! Hmm...🤔 I’ll let make new account to my fiancé though. Thank you!
  12. Hi guys(: I’m just wondering you guys "we are still reviewing your case. we will notify you when your status changes" email from USCIS every 2weeks?🤔 because I’ve never gotten it yet. I was setting on the website email notification but I haven’t tho... Is this eamil randomly? Or is it something wrong?🤔 My last updated was Sep 14th 2018. Thank you(:
  13. My fiancé is a US NAVY and he sent his military ID card copy with our papers. I understand the processing is fast because he is in military but we can’t still have hard copy🤷‍♀️ Maybe call to USCIS in next week🤦‍♀️