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  1. I know but you dont get my quetion . You said the status changed to refused so when this changed after it how long till they let you know that you need join sponsor
  2. How long till they let you know you need join sponsorr . After you saw the ceac say refused . Can you answer
  3. It say refused and more say if i want to know more information about it i can check visa travel site . This is all said at this status
  4. I dont know how to post it sorry . It say refused you can google it can find an example
  5. After my case placed adminstrative proccing . Today changed to refused i dont understand i proved to them all the evidence i know my wife 4 years visited me times i gives them all the evidence they ask for . Chat log weeding pic ...they didnt call me or say anything visa type is ir1 . Am confused
  6. Is there anyone get approved after second interveiw . If yes for how long . Consulate casabalnca morocco. Please share
  7. I agree with you . They were not nice . Second they ask me quetions verry rude about my life you know i dont have problem to tell but its diffirent someone ask nice way to know with respectful and ask with rude way and yelling to me . Its like the police at any film movie . Plus I have a physical disability, you know someone who is like me is worthy of good treatment, but they insulted me about it ans didnt feel respecful i felt hurt .my wife not sponsoring any ex she is done and we have co sponsor
  8. Yes advice but seem to me like this way do you ask me i dont know am just come here to see understand why they treat our case like it because we never think they will we never heard about it anyway thank you for your information we will wait we didnt say not .
  9. Yes she can move normal but do you know how long . Its not about it right i didnt post here and people have to say things about my marriage this is not your buissnes . My wife and me want to be togather we didnt not nothing wrong we just couples loves each other like all
  10. Ok thank you bro . Am like all haman but the way they treat me second interveiw its like am bad person like i did a crime if you undrestand
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