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  1. Seem like you don't understand this happens after the interview. If this happens before the interview am not stupid why i should go. And she was telling me to go she want to work out. The relationship what is the problem. Am not desperate if you like to judge people then do. Your problem not me. Say something nice. Of move on. And yes i can move to another country if i want you don't need to know where is not your business. Ok. Am Human. And a good man i deserve respect from any country like i respect others .
  2. Why you ask am free to post it anytime i want. What is the problem of posting now. If you don't like the post just leave it. Ignore
  3. Sir I don't agree with you you don't know me you don't know the whole story. I was loyal husband. And even i can't use someone for my beinfit it's not good. You said she smell something about green gard is not true. The problem is not from me okay. You can't judge me you don't know me. The problem is from her. She promise me she will be good wife for me she will be loyal woman and loves me i was always respectful with her and her family. Always when she visit me Mt family treat her good. I don't need a green card America county it's not the one in this world's if i want to move to another country i can with my own. So please before judge me. Think of it. She cheated on me and always lie and always unrespectful with me. And Yoh said the problem from me come on. There is nothing like that. Am telling my story. Us the truth. Day something nice. Or don't comment
  4. Yes you are right. The one thing i didn't accept from them is that unrespectful things from them. They should not do that. And also the money and time i loses. For nothing. For then to prepare everything. It's not fair. Their conditios sometimes are kit fair for people i hope one day they change it. We not rish we also the same people fighting for their life everyday. I did medical exam which was very expensive and translation papers all during this journey. For what. For them to unrespect me. I agree they should ask and do their job. But i don't agree they insoles me and ask by that way. Like am bad person.
  5. What made me write my story here. It may help some people to get an idea of the decision to marry an American woman. I say that all people are like this. But I am one of the people who are really hurt and wronged. I met my ex-wife in 2016 after a four-year relationship, and she came here three times..but this is a marriage. And this experience was one of the worst experiences that I have had in my entire life and so far I still did not accept it and I am still angry. I'm a good guy and I always have been. So but the woman I thought was the love of my life wasn't. She was mean and didn't treat me well. I mean, this woman changed, she did not preach to the woman she married. Very selfish. And you don't appreciate my circumstances and always. Watching problems. All this came after I went to the consulate in Casablanca, and my interview was like everyone who received bad treatment and an interview that had a lot of questions. There is a difference that you go to the embassy and see insults in front of you. Be employees. Their questions are disrespectful, as if I was accused of a crime. All this experience made me angry and I'm the only one hurt by this marriage. Nice to me that I was patient for a long time until my family suffered with me. When I go to the consulate. I do not find the respect I was waiting for. It is true that all are doing their job, but I do not understand why they should insult people. Only for Visa. I don't really understand. I lost money and time for them and for many years they told me that my visa was rejected, how is this, but I decided to move forward because I had no choice. I hope God will give me justice in heaven someday. what i got. betrayal. From the woman who met her. abandoned me. I disrespect my family. My consulate was insulted by staff and method. Their question is disgusting. Wasting time and effort for nothing. All applicants must do a medical examination for $200. before an interview. It doesn't matter if she refuses or not. Is money falling on us from the sky? This is a consulate that never respects people. I lost a lot of time in the end, I'm the only one losing here. Preach all of this. I must have a divorce. In a complex court, there is a lot of money and time lost. Especially if there was no response from my ex-wife, who refused to help in this. Now I'm still fighting to get fired. Let's go on with my life there. And with another kick and I'm Zahdi, who became suffering. with everything. I do not agree with this. And I do not agree with you as an interview. People should be respected because I am a human being. That's all, and this is my bad experience with this marriage. Anyone who is about to marry an American woman should think before deciding, good luck to all.
  6. She was only lying to me. I don't her whole life . Little what she tell me I was trust her . I don't know it happens I didn't find anyone to advise me I can't all women are bad. But this one I marry was so bad . doesn't respect me
  7. I don't know what to say but my story is longer . I meet a woman from USA and we get married about 5 years ago. Out love story was nice. We applied for the ir1 visa with everything and proofs that our marriage is true . After one year or waiting the process she changed alot start to cheat on me and date other men there behind I get hurt alot from this woman besides her unrespectful and lied Everytime and from her and her family . It was a hell I didn't deserve that am good man. I was good with her . I remember she told me if they don't approve the visa. She will leave me because she don't love anymore. Our relationship was like 5 years of time it along time we waited and even the process takes longer . People's advice told me that to go to the interview even if this problems between me and her. I went to there . I have a hearing problem and people should be nice with me and understanding. But the officer were so rasict and doesn't care about my situation as we hear here many times they ask alot of questions answered evethings he told me I have admin procces. Have to wait. After two months they called me for second interview it was with two Moroccans work there and they were asking me the same but this time I felt like they unrespectful and hard with me it's like want to fight me . I was there for 3 hours after they say we call you. After one week I checked I found that my Visa is refused forever. I told her what happened with me she laughed alot like she is happy they did it hurt me more. I know no one knows me but am good person I never think to hurt someone but it's fine. God will reward them back of all my suffer from this. My advice to any men marry from USA don't make hopes alot Marrying a woman doesn't mean things will work out. Be sure the woman is ready to be petient and fight them and she loves from her heart. Not the onese one who love to drink alot and so everything with me. Every night and who is moody alot and doesn't care about people feelings. Marry the right person. Before. Because your way is not easy it will take many years atleast they refuse your visa they won't care how you suffer. . I have trust in God for me will reward me better I believe. Good luck to everyone thank you for reading
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