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  1. I had my interview yesterday and got approved. My PD is Apr 2018. Feel free to look at my response to the Apr 2018 forum for my experience.
  2. My journey is ~almost~ over! PD: 04/2018 AOS Interview: 03/12/2019 Field office: Los Angeles, CA Our appointment was at 10:00 AM. We got there at 9:30 but it took us 1.5 hours to get in because of the incredibly long line outside the building. Thankfully, they still accommodated us. We checked in and was called in for interview 5 minutes later. The officer put us under oath, which is to tell the truth. She looked for our IDs and the first thing she asked me was if I ever did the biometrics - because my appointment for biometrics was sent back them with dated Apr 2018! I told her that I did 2 months later, and that there was a delay because for some reason, the notice was not delivered to my apartment, although that’s where they sent all other notices regarding my case. She looked at my file for a while, and then she asked me when we got married, when and how my husband and I first met. She also asked my husband how he obtained US Citizenship. She then asked when we started dating. It’s funny because I had to tell the story of how my husband courted me for a few months before I agreed to go out with him. The officer also asked why I gave my number to my husband the day we met. She proceeded with asking more questions like, who initiated the marriage (I told her that my husband proposed to me), how our family took it when we told them about our engagement, what our future goals as a couple are. She also asked if we have been married before or have children, which we don’t. After that, she asked for evidences that we are a couple. I presented her documents from when we were dating up to now that we’re married, like pictures, bills, apartment contract, car lease agreement, etc. She inspected the files and took the copies. Finally, she asked me the Yes/No questions on the I-485 form. She continued to do something in her computer, and then told me that everything looks good and that I am being approved. She drafted a letter stating that I am being approved and told her when I can expect my permanent resident card as we are going to the Philippines next week. It may take a a fee weeks so I was advised to come back on Thursday along with our plane ticket itinerary to get my passport stamped. Overall, the experience was good. Nothing to be scared of if your marriage is legitimate. The officer was very professional and accommodating!
  3. PD: April 18, 2018 Interview: March 12, 2019 Los Angeles, CA office
  4. PD: April 18, 2018 I just got an email that they scheduled my form 485 for interview. I wasn’t expecting it as I thought it takes a year for Los Angeles filers to get an interview!
  5. I’m not expecting this. My PD is April 18, 2019 and I filed in Los Angeles. I just got an email saying that they scheduled my green card interview. I thought LA takes a year to get an interview!
  6. Does anyone here ever experienced leaving the Philippines with advance parole? I have a pending green card case and I am planning on going to the Philippines in March. I was wondering if I have to go to Commission of Filipinos Overseas to get registered. I didn’t go to Commission of Filipinos Overseas before because I was just an international student, but I was wondering if I have to now that I am married to a Filipino-American.
  7. Since the government is shut down, do you guys think that this will affect our green card processing times?
  8. Processing times in Los Angeles is now 16 months! This is crazy. It increases every 2 months. I remember it was only 12 months when I filed.
  9. Processing times in Los Angeles is now 16 months! This is crazy. It increases every 2 months. I remember it was only 12 months when I filed.
  10. Interesting. I’ve renewed my California DL three times and never received the card right away. I had to wait in the mail. I guess each DMV at each state is different.
  11. Hi guys. So my PD is Apr 2018 but I filed for AP this month, Oct 2018. Will I have another biometrics appointment for my AP application? It’s been 2 weeks and still no biometrics appointment in the mail.
  12. Well when I renewed my DL, they gave me a temporary DL that is valid until Jan. I was just wondering when I could get the physical card. How long did it take for your wife to get the actual DL?
  13. Quick question about Driver License so I went to DMV on Oct 9 to renew my DL, but DMV had to send my information to USCIS for secondary verification (I used my EAD to prove legal presence). Until now I still don’t have my DL. How long did it take you guys before you get your Drivers license?
  14. Oh okay. Got it. That’s the only thing I needed to know. So LA office will schedule interview based on PD, regardless of when they’re ready to be scheduled for interview. I thought that having the status as “ready” would bump me up the line in LA. Oh well.
  15. Just a thought: I’m an April filer and was ready to be scheduled for interview since June. However, there are some who filed before me and just now received a notification that they’re ready to be scheduled for interview. Will USCIS base the interview scheduling on the date of filing or the date of when they are ready to be scheduled for interview?