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  1. I hate spending that much but it is her first marriage so I want her to have her dream wedding. It’s all about being able to share your special day with family and friends
  2. I do not mind paying whatever it cost I’m shelling out 250k for the wedding.
  3. That’s not the way I understood the statement but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I will try it and see. If Christopher Columbus listen to everyone he would not have learned the world was round.
  4. Here is how to do it under 10 days. But everyone, including the officials, must be on the same page to pull this off. 1. So have your fiancée check with local registrar to see if this will work for you. Most times you could file for the license in advance and complete other requirements when you arrive. You need to check with the registrar and see if they will do this. 2. Then you go to the Filipino Embassy near you with a filled out marriage license (just your half) and asked them to certify the document. They should do this and usually will cost about $25 and a return visit the next day to pick up the form. 3. Once you have the document and then send it to your fiancée. Next have her fill out her part and take it to her local registrar for filing. Do this about three weeks before your arrival to help in meeting the 10 day requirement. She also has to give the registrar her CEMAR. 4. Upon arrival go to the US embassy (you must make an appointment), and get a legal capacity to marry. Cost $50 fee. 5. Now take your legal capacity to marry and a copy of passport entry to the registrar. They may give a release date of the next day for marriage license. However you need to attend the family planning seminar. 6. Returned after the seminar, and get the license. Now go and get married and have a happy life together. This has been done before but your actual mileage may vary. Good luck.
  5. Most of the articles I read there is a way of getting everything done except the affidavit before I get there. The wedding is in February.
  6. Does anyone know a lawyer that can help me get a marriage license in Cebu. I will get there 3 days before the wedding.
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