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  1. In canada they do not offer SSN anymore you apply once in the states. I got my sons the same week I applied when we were in the states.
  2. PurelyRavage

    Family Planning

    Hi! So me and my fiance applied for K1 in August of last year. I got pregnant end of september. We were lucky because we only live 35-40min away from eachother. It was stressful having to cross constantly to see eachother. We delayed my Montreal interview by 2 monta so i could give birth in canada. I had my son may 16. We then went the following month to do my medical exam in toronto as well as applied for crba and american passport for our son. At the end of june I did my Montreal interview and passed. During the interview when i stated we had a baby she made a remark thats all the proof they need to know were together lol. We crossed july 2. Were both covered under my husbands insurancr. So far everything is great here. I am glad I was able to give birth in Canada and because I did i still get my 1 year maternity pay leave. As for the AOS increase it made no difference for us as my husband still makes way over the requirement. I had my baby shower originally in the US so all my items including car seat etc was american.
  3. Has anyone tracking for the visa had expected delivery Friday? I'm still waiting for it to be delivered to the post office and hoping it isn't delayed until Tuesday
  4. Just got my tracking number! Hoping it comes tomorrow as Monday is a holiday 🙏
  5. How long was everyones case in administrative processing?! First it said case received then changed to that right after. I got approved earlier today! Hopefully it gets issued soon 🙏
  6. Hi everyone I'm alittle late to the party haha. I have my interview this wednesday and super excited! I just want to clarify some things quick. 1. Petitioner can enter with his us passport? We have a newborn so I don't want to be separated for too long. 2. Do you still get tracking if you didn't xx pay the extra fee? 3. For those who got it Friday how far do you live? I live in Windsor Ontario and with July 1st being a holiday in hoping I don't need to wait long! Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone I thought I'd post this for anyone interested. This was done in Canada. My son was born May 16, 2019. We had an appointment at the consular in Toronto, Ontario for June 6. The building was right downtown so it was easy to find. All the documents we had included confirmation of his appointment, his long form birth certificate, a passport photo, both mine and my fiances passports, as well as W2s for 4 years (supposed to have 5 but I couldn't find 2017) as well as his Highschool GED and utilities (which they only took the W2s) as well as forms DS-2029 and DS-11 for his passport. (We aren't married and no divorces). At the entrance they asked for confirmation of appointment. Then went upstairs after being checked and waited. Went to the desk and they took all original copies and made my fiance sign affadavit of support. We then paid the feeds for CRBA and Passport (came to $215 USD). Then waited for our interview. When we went up we swore oath that our statements were true. Asked us how we met, where we live. They said we only had 4 years of evidence of citizenship but it was no problem and said we'll have his forms in 2 weeks which we did receive them in that time frame. Took a total of roughly an hour and a half to 2 hours just waiting for the interview took the longest. Overall was not a difficult process!
  8. Yea end of March is when I started the process and paid for it so possibly?
  9. I'm not sure. I paid for mine before it let me look at dates.
  10. Hi everyone. I will be applying for CRBA once my baby is born around may 31. I know it takes about 2 weeks to get the birth certificate here in Ontario. Is the long form the one that is required? I honestly have no idea which one they give you when you register the birth online here.
  11. Interview dates only open up the last week of every month. Check Monday around 7:30am and they will be open. When I checked last month same time the dates were available so please be patient. Most likely only looking at June but I'm hoping July is open as that's when I want mine 🤞
  12. So original copy of live birth certificate as well his enhanced drivers license would suffice?
  13. Hi guys. So my little man is due may 31st. My fiance is the American and im canadian. We currently are finishing our k1 Visa (only need final interview at this point) but waiting until I give birth to finish it. Since we live so close together (border cities) he only has an enhanced drivers license and has never had a passport. Is this absolutely required for the interview? Thank you.
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