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  1. So she filed for taxes in 2018. That means that even if she files 2019 today I won’t get counted. So on my 2020 taxes next year I would get the check?
  2. And that way we both get a check or just her?
  3. Can I even file one? My wife wants to do it today, but she doesn’t know how to claim me
  4. Hi all! I am currently in AOS with EAD and AP. I’m going to start working in April, but ever since I got here in October I haven’t been working. I have a SSN, but I don’t know if my wife has to claim me as a dependent or if I have to file myself or how does it really work. Once filed, what happens with the stimulus package? Do we each get a check? Do I get nothing since I haven’t worked here yet? Thank you in advance!
  5. Yeah, I loved not being able to work since I arrived in October. I worked at home as much as I could and I saved money. That's what most people do. We don't take shortcuts.
  6. I filed for a K-1 visa and I was able to visit my now wife for 3 months at a time. Your lawyer seems to not know what they are talking about. In regards to your original question, you gave a partial answer. If it comes up at AOS you'll have to prove without a shadow of a doubt that your intention wasn't using the ESTA to stay and adjust. It seems that that is exactly what you did, so the IO might deny your AOS. On a personal note, I hope they do, since you tried to skip ahead of the line using half truths and basically committing visa fraud. Moreover, the fact that you not only entertained the possibility of working during AOS, but even went as far as to considering getting a fake SSN, tells me that you don't give a (removed) about the legal immigration process which so many people in this forum have gone through. Shame on you really.
  7. I went in literally the day after I got to the US. Got my SSN in the mail a couple weeks later. The receipt they give you also serves as proof of identity/residency if you want to try to get a drivers license at the DMV.
  8. I got a notice that my card was mailed just now. I'm honestly so thankful it went so fast (even thought it feels like a lifetime) If you have a basis to, I would recommend to expedite as soon as you are done with biometrics. I requested to expedite my case in the parking lot at the USCIS Support Center as soon as I walked out from the biometrics appointment.
  9. I don't even want to think how long it's going to be for the San Fernando Valley field Office. It serves a lot of LA county as well as Ventura, Santa Barbara and SLO. I just got the notice that my case is ready to be scheduled and I hope I don't have to renew my ead while waiting for it.
  10. I just got a notification saying that "New Card is Being Produced" Wohoooooo!
  11. I've spoken to T2 officers multiple times and the only useful thing they told me was "if for any reason you have to submit another expedite request, contact T2 to do so, since T1 makes a lot of mistakes on those" Not even kidding.
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