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  1. I honestly don't know. I did what I was told and how I was told. Thank you so much for your answers, and rest assured I got a copy of the DS-3025 via email (the lady that sent it was surprised I wasn't given it) And honestly, I've been getting chest x-rays for a while (i've had a couple surgeries done) and I have another one coming up, so I have plenty of chest x-rays to choose from
  2. Well, I am not opening the CD envelope (Which doesn't contain the DS-3025 since it's from the second facility) mostly because it says "DO NOT OPEN" in big red letters. I called the clinic and they provided me with a copy of the DS-3025, so all is good now! I will update what happens with the envelope with the X-Ray once I get to the States Thank you!
  3. Okay, let's clarify. I got a sealed envelope with my medical exam to be given to the embassy employee (which I did) and I did not got back. I also got another envelope with the X-Ray CD (in Madrid the X-Ray has to be done at a different medical facility) which the embassy employee sealed and gave back to me and told me to surrender it at POE I also got a copy of my blood and urine test results A couple days later I got the embassy packet (which I assume contains my medical examination results) and my passport I did NOT receive a copy of form DS-3025 or another copy of my X-Ray I hope this clarified things a bit
  4. I called the medical center and they have emailed me a copy of the vaccination record, that I have. I have NOT opened the envelope that the embassy has given me, and when I had the interview the lady at the embassy took the envelope in which the CD is and sealed and told me to surrender it at POE.
  5. I honestly think that you need to retain a lawyer for this one. Whatever we can tell you on this forum is not going to be as useful as the advice from an immigration attorney. Yours is a very complex case for what it seems, and I wish you the best with your immigration adventure!
  6. He gave me the sealed XRay CD for the POE agent and a copy of my lab results, nothing else. Ugh, I'm going to call them to see what's going on
  7. Where does one get form DS-3025? When I did my medical examination y just got a copy of the analytics!!
  8. Hi! I got an answer from the embassy and everything looks fine according to them! Wohoo! I'm going to print the email exchange just in case, but I feel like a weight has been lifted!
  9. I don't have trips booked yet, thankfully. I guess that's the most sensible thing to do, but what a hassle!
  10. Hi all! I've had my packet for a while but now I'm starting to panic a bit since the packet kind of looks like it has been opened. I received straight from the embassy like this It looks like they didn't close it correctly after the stamping and they just taped over it. Am I going to get in trouble for it or is it fine? Thank you!
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