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  1. Get yourself a urine drug detector. Don't smoke anymore until the day of the medical. Take the test before the medical. If it's negative, still be truthful about your drug use and since the result comes back negative the doctor might be more lenient about it. If it comes positive, well, your bad.
  2. I see. My office doesn't take walk-in appointments, so I hope that the NOA1 comes soon and the appointment is not too far in the future. Thank you!
  3. Yeah, the company is missing out on business because they can't fill up that position. And well, obviously my savings are dwindling as well.
  4. Hello all, My case was received on Thursday the second and I got a receipt number for AP, AOS and EAD with it. The next day I called USCIS and requested to expedite under financial hardship. The agent asked me some questions and game me a receipt number for the expedition request. I have a job offer from a business that has been trying to hire someone for the position they have vacant right now, and for which I am perfectly qualified for. I have yet to receive any email asking for any supporting documentation, but I just wanted to know if you think there's a good chance it will be accepted or not. Thank you so much!!
  5. It will probably take another couple of days before you get charged, no worries!
  6. Welp, I got my packet sent back with a lovely rejection notice because I used (I don’t even know how) the wrong version of the I-845 (2017) I feel pretty stupid, but I reprinted the package in the right format and resent it again today. Let’s hope it gets there soon!
  7. Wohooo! I just dropped it off in the post office, let's see how this goes!
  8. Why is there a high chance of an RFE if we proved that he didn't meet the monetary requirements to file taxes?
  9. Hi all! I'm almost ready to file my AOS, but I have a question for you. My wife didn't file any taxes in 2016 because she didn't make enough money, and in the affidavit of support they asked you to provide the three most recent tax returns. Now, we have included explanation letters and other supporting documents to prove that she didn't make enough money to file taxes, but we are trying to get a Verification of Non-filing Letter. We cannot do it online because her phone number is through a business and the IRS system is not recognising it, and we just want to send the packet as soon as possible. My question is, do I really need to send the Verification of Non-filing Letter, or will it be enough with the following? 1. Form G-1145, signed and dated 2. Form I-485, signed and dated 3. Copy of I-797, Notice of Approval for I-129F Petition, and NVC acceptance letter. 4. Copy of marriage certificate 5. Copy of birth certificate, in english. 6. Copy of Vaccination Documentation Worksheet, Form DS-3025. 7. Copy of biographic page of passport 8. Copy of K1 Visa page 9. Form I-94 10. Payment in the amount of $1,225.00 (Personal check made payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security) 11. Two passport size photos with name and A# written at the back 12. Form I-864, Affidavit of Support – signed and dated by petitioner (US citizen spouse ), along with: - Employment letter - Six most recent pay stubs - IRS tax transcripts from 2018 Biographic page of passport of the petitioner Copy of birth certificate of the petitioner Verification of Non-Filing letter for 2016 Letter of acceptance for the Spanish Teaching Assistant program showing the stipend amount. Translation and Affidavit of Translation for the Letter of acceptance for the Spanish Teaching Assistant program Letter of explanation for Non-Filing taxes for the year 2016 Thank you so much!!
  10. They said that even if I take the driving test they wouldn't be able to submit anything, so that I have to wait until my green card comes through. Is this correct? Shouldn't they honor the validity of the visa? Thank you!
  11. could be!! I'm just confused because he knew everything else about the K-1 visa and wrote K-1 visa on my envelope with all the papers!
  12. Hi all!! I wanted to share my experience with LAX Customs and Border Patrol. Although the process was very easy and painless (only asked me two questions and I was out the door in ten minutes), the officer gave me some wrong or outdated information. Once he processed my paperwork and stamped my passport, he advised me that I should marry within 90 days. That was all fine and dandy until he said that once I married I would have to go to an USCIS field office with the original marriage license and a notarised copy and I would received a temporary green card on my passport. I don't believe this information is correct, since I have to file for AOS and everything, but I obviously didn't say anything. I called USCIS today to notify them of an address change and told them about what the officer said, and the agent confirmed this information was incorrect. The agent also said that green cards take two years to be approved, so that was also not right according to the processing times we can see. I don't know if the CPB officers get periodical training on procedures, but they probably should!! Anyway, just wanted to share my experience!
  13. Oh yeah, it's not valid anymore. And yeah! My dad has all of his old passports with many stamps! When he was telling me he had a "permanent visa" I didn't believe him, but I guess he was right to his knowledge!
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