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  1. Sorry for the late response. Im adjusting from k1 visa. Got my ead last OCt.
  2. Mine was ready to be scheduled for interview since June 2019. PD April 9. Heard wait time is about a year to one year and half at sta ana.
  3. anyone whose field office is sta ana, California scheduled for interview now?
  4. Nope i meant my noa (April 9) supposedly will show up as the last date to be filing case inquiry in processing time section that day when it move backwRds to march 10. Thank you. Waited 171 days for this.🤣
  5. OMG! Randomly checked the case tracker app. EAD being produced and was approved 2 days ago. Friday supposed to be the day my noa will show up but it moved backward. I reached out to USCIS to inquire about the incident and the possibility of filing a case inquiry and the tier 1 said they cannot do anything about it since it is within normal processing. All along he knew it was approved already. What’s with this people.😭 *old uscis website not update. Got my update thru case tracker and new uscis website. sending good vibes this week...
  6. I am so excited to submit an inquiry tom since its processing cases april 9 today. Then ive checked and saw that they moved backeards for a month. They’re at march 10 again.😭 so frustrating. They moved a month backwards. From april 9 they are back to march 10.
  7. mine was ready to be scheduled for interview since June 2019. My PD is april 9. No ead yet. heard it will take 1 year or more before the interview date in sta ana field office.
  8. congratulations! We're on the same boat. NOA april 9 on paper April 8 on online account. I dont exactly know which one they goes with but the processing time is at april 7 already so I am excited for tomorrow. haha Or able to make an inquiry at the very least. Goodluck to us. I know it will come. cheers!
  9. Same here. Pd april 8 no ead, no ap AOS got stuck on interview ready to be schedule.
  10. My priority date is april 9. No ead yet. I wonder if my previous rfe which is already settle affects the approval. ☹️😞
  11. Anyone else noticed the uscis processing time for EAD is at march 26 already yesterday and when i checked out today its back to march 12? *sigh
  12. been checking my mailbox everyday hoping for mine to come along any minute though im an April filer. 😅
  13. any update? I've seen several people with sta. ana as there field office being transferred to different field office due to backlogs that are now scheduled for interview.
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