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  1. We passed the interview and visa was approved! I ll get passport back hopefully by the end of the week and fly as soon as i get it. End of 15 months of hopes, tears, pain, frustration ... Thank you my friends: you cant imagine how important you all have been in this journey. Good luck to all!
  2. Hola Ela! Mucha suerte. Yo hoy consegui la cita para el 5 de diciembre. Finalmente!
  3. We got the email from embassy today! Interview scheduled for next week, on the 5th.... yesssssss. Keep faith
  4. Yes, i got it but not the previous one setting an appoitment. Lets hope for the best
  5. Exactly the same happened to us yesterday. DQ Nov 21st. We have an expedite for the embassy in Madrid but we didnt get any appointment . So odd
  6. We finally got approved!!! We have an expedite at the embassy in Madrid. Any idea how long does it take for an expedited interview?
  7. Allez la France! Dont give up , cherie. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We all feel sad and frustrated and confused with this process. But we ll get there! At least you are together. My husband is in USA and i am in Madrid. I bought my house seeing it thru Skype lol. The things USCIS makes do !,,
  8. I have a son 16 years old who should have started school in Nashville back in August. The delays are going to make his school year really difficult, specially now that college is so close. And they admitted the expedite. Thanks to Madrid embassy ! DQ is when you get your case aproved at NVC . After it, you only need the interview letter
  9. My expedite was approved too but its only after we get the DQ. And still waiting for it. I guess we wont be together in USA for Xmas again
  10. Hola! Yo soy española y mi marido americano. Despues de casi 14 meses de proceso, estamos esperando que NVC nos de el Case Complete y fije fecha para entrevista en la embajada. Es todo taaaan largo y frustrante. Pero hay que mantener el espiritu positivo. Todo llega! Encantada de conoceros. Alguien de Madrid?
  11. Its so funny! Checking your timeline , we have exactly same days for NOA2, sent to NVC and NVC case number. And we submitted documents on october 23rd!!! So parallell...i hope we get DQ tom, following your path!
  12. Congratulations! Let us now when you get the appointment. I am fron Spain too. Curious about how long it takes....
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