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  1. Congratulations to you as well 😊. And thanks again. I got a notification this morning and the oath letter is now visible on my DHS site. November 15th it is! Yay!
  2. Thank you @Lu & Soso . My status for I-751 changed today to approved. I just hope everyone else in similar ride sail through this journey equally well. I got worried earlier when I was interviewed for N-400 but not for I-751 even though my wife was accompanied and the IO knew that. The IO was kind and nice to say that he will review my case and approve everything without the need for I-751 interview if everything looks fine. Otherwise he would have scheduled another interview. I’m glad we had everything put together properly and so the IO was able to make a decision. We saved trip to USCIS. My wife and I are expecting our first baby this November. Will have to wait and see what comes first - baby or oath ceremony letter I would want to sincerely thank this forum and everyone who have shared their insights and experiences. Giod luck everyone!
  3. This week, got an update. I-751: New card is being produced N-400: In line for oath
  4. it's something like this... I-751: case was transferred to another office that has jurisdiction.... N-400: Interview was scheduled...
  5. @Charly2 - I checked both USCIS websites (eGov and DHS), the status is still the same for both applications (n-400 and i-751). How long did it take in your case to see an update after the interview?
  6. Has anyone with solo N-400 (no I-751 interview) progressed any further? Or is there anyone with N-400 had a separate I-751 interview few weeks down the road?
  7. Yes, there have been a few cases where they did not do a joint interview. I don't know why they do not have a streamlined process. Regarding the gender and appearance of the IO, I wouldn't feel comfortable disclosing it. Sorry.
  8. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my experience here. Background: Pending I-751 (March 2017) and N-400 (Jan 2018). I had my N-400 interview this week. Outcome: I took my wife along just in case if the IO wanted to do a joint interview. But that did not happen. I was only interviewed on the N-400 application. I cleared the N-400 interview/exam and then the IO said to wait for about 30 days so a decision can be made on my I-751 before approving N-400. Bummer 😞 . Interview experience: We checked-in at the counter on the 3rd Floor (Chicago USCIS field office) and seated with the token. We were there about 45 mins before the scheduled time since my wife had to go back to work and thinking if the IO can take us in earlier. But after looking at the crowd we had second thoughts on how soon we are going to get done. Someone sitting next to us was waiting for nearly 3 hours so that got us little worried. To our surprise, we were called in about 45 mins after the scheduled time (on interview letter). The IO was nice and straight forward. Courteous and professional. From there-on, all standard stuff. Started with the 6/10 questions. I don't recollect all the questions exactly right now but will post later if I can. They were super easy though. After the IO mentioned about my pending I-751, I did ask if IO wants to see my wife who is outside in the waiting area, IO said no. I also asked if IO needs to see any more documents, IO said no. We talked about a few clarifications in general on application even though my application was very straightforward but I wanted to confirm a few things from my side. I also had a trip outside of USA for about 2 weeks after I submitted the application. I asked if IO wanted any evidence or documentation so the dates can be updated on my application. Again, IO said no to it as well citing it wasn't a concern since the trip did not last too long and my overall time spent outside US wasn't an issue either. So all good there. In the end, I was told if the IO finds everything on my I-751 that they need to review, then I will be approved in 30 days or so. Followed by N-400 approval and oath letter in mail. However, if the IO needs anything from me then it will be flagged for another interview (joint and only I-751). So I really do not know what is going to happen but hoping for a positive outcome. So close yet so far from being approved. My two cents The IOs are generally all good I guess and they seem to be doing their job thoroughly and professionally. Earlier, I-751 for Chicago area was completely (or for the most part), if I'm not wrong, was being handled by California offices. However, with the backlog and changing priorities/goals of the USCIS, there are new processes being introduced and they are also getting used to it. Hence, we are seeing files being transferred to local offices to manage the work load. So let's not worry too much and just be positive . Thanks everyone though for sharing your experience. I know some of us here had the same experience of not being approved on I-751 or did not have a joint interview for I-751 while N-400 is pending. And some others were lucky to be approved on both applications almost instantly
  9. Good luck for the rest. And thanks @gabreigns for sharing your experience and helping the community! Really appreciate it.
  10. @Shanshanjamrock Yes, that's what it was. It stayed in that status for a few weeks. are you in the same boat as well? What's your timeline like?
  11. @gabreigns Wish you luck. Keep us posted. I share a similar timeline as yours and my local office is also Chicago. I got an update yesterday that my N-400 interview is scheduled. I'm guessing it will be in Sept. I have a pending I-751 and no word on that yet after case was transferred to NBC in May 2018.
  12. @xilef I filed for I-751 in March 2017 (mailed to CA) and N-400 in Jan 2018 (online). My I-751 case was transferred to NBC on May 1 2018 and the N-400 wasn't showing appropriate status online for last couple weeks. Yesterday, out of nowhere, I received the notification stating interview was scheduled..
  13. I received a text and email update yesterday evening saying - 'Interview was scheduled' for N-400. Yet to receive the letter. My guess is it will be sometime in Sept 2018. I'm hoping it's about time for all of us.
  14. anyone with transfer to National Benefits Center (NBC) in Lee Summit, MO? I filed for I-751 in March 2017 (mailed to CA) and N-400 in Jan 2018 (online). My case was transferred to NBC on May 1 2018. No update since then.
  15. Hi vj'ers! I've a concurrent application in process with USCIS for I-751 RoC (filed March 2017) at CSC (transferred to NBC on May 1st 2018) and N-400 filed online (Jan 2018 - local office Chicago IL). I'm married to a US Citizen wife. My wife and I are expecting our first baby in Nov '18. My wife wants to adopt my last name before our baby is born. We were thinking of initiating the name change process for my wife this week. But I'm not quite sure if that's a good option or not while my application for I-751 and N-400 is in process by USCIS. Theoretically, it should be fine provided we notify USCIS as soon as my wife changes her last name with SSA/DMV etc. Has anyone been in similar situation of changing name while their applications were in process? Even if not, any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! I'll be so thankful for your response!