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  1. I have seen some of the Oct and Nov 2017 filers - have started to get their 10 year GC(s). Spotty at best - maybe things are speeding up?
  2. I am so sorry that you had to go through it. Can you describe further in your opinion- what led to the secondary? And how long were you questioned in secondary - and did he stamp your passport in the end?
  3. Were you travelling by yourself?
  4. I am thinking of applying for N400 in Feb as soon as I am eligible. I saw on other threads that N400 seems to be moving.
  5. Cougarfalcon83

    Chicago N400 filers

    Hi. I will be filing my N400 within the next 2 weeks? USCIS says 10 -15 months for processing. Is that the general guideline or people getting it naturalized sooner? I live in the city.
  6. I just got back today. Landed at ORD. Was with my USC wife. Went to the PR line and told the lady that I have a letter - she sent me to the visa line. Luckily there were almost no people there. Process was simple, no questions asked - no secondary. I did get a secondary last time with an unexpired green card - so was fully expecting a secondary. Maybe got lucky
  7. Did you have to go to Secondary?
  8. I was secondaried. I will in my two years of my current GC (My conditional GC was still valid). They took me a separate room. I sat around for 30 mins before I was called in. Someone from ICE asked me questions about my entire life history and then let me go. I asked him "What triggered this inspection?". He said "Nothing"
  9. All - I will be travelling with 18 month extension letter and Expired GC. While coming back to the US, assuming I go into the PR line - 1. Do I scan my expired GC on the machine? Or will that not work? 2. I am assuming I will get the slip with a Big X on it - and I will have to go to a counter? Please share your experiences? Thanks
  10. Cougarfalcon83

    Biometrics - CSC Delays?

    I am an April filer. I have received nothing wrt to bio-metrics.
  11. I filed on April 17, 2018. I got my 12 month letter in late June, followed by my 18 month letter in late August. I haven't heard anything about fingerprints. Should I call USCIS and find out about it - or are many people in the same boat? I check the status online - it says "At this time we dont have any info ... etc. etc.".
  12. Guys I got my NOA today. But it says its a courtesy notice and that they charged the fees and then mailed another notice that says my GC has been extended by a year.... Question - Are there 2 NOA(s)? or did the 1st notice go to my attorney?
  13. Finally some good news. CSC Fedex on 4/18 Received on 4/19 Checking Pending 06/05 Waiting for NOA etc.
  14. Its very frustrating to sit here and watch people after me get their checks cashed. Mine reached on my April 18, and now I see people on the 26th getting cashed. Thanks for your post. Makes me feel I am not alone. What a cluster.