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  1. Glad to hear you got NOAs! We received our paper ones yesterday, it took about 4-5 days after texts. Good luck!
  2. Hey! I have received my NOAs by text message on July 16th. Give it some more time, watch out for paper NOAs in your mailbox because some people never get texts or emails (I never got an email). But I do recommend writing to lockbox support email just in case, you can also try calling USCIS Contact center to ask whether they have your name in their database and if not, create a service request. That’s maximum you can do. If it takes too long like way passed 30 days and there is still nothing I would consider sending the package once again. But as for right now I would give it some more time. Wish you best of luck! I know it sucks but I’m sure you’re gonna be ok.
  3. Well, I got NOA texts two days after the money was cashed. When I went to the USCIS website to track my cases, I found out that the received the application back on June 24, but accepted the fee only on July 16, which I believe caused the delay. I do think now that USCIS has some issues with accepting credit cards, because my case is not the first one with the same problem. So, guys, give it more time, 4-6 weeks, most probably they’ll find your case. But just in case create service requests and write a letter to lockbox facility support.
  4. Finally got our NOA1 today via text!!!! Joining you guys in waiting for biometrics and stuff
  5. We used the credit card too. Got our NOAs via text today, no email though. I suppose that could be the case, but maybe they are just experiencing the backlog unfortunately.
  6. Just an update. Looks like they cashed our money, but no NOAs yet. I’ll keep you posted
  7. Thanks for your support, it makes me feel a bit better that I’m not alone. My case is not exactly 30 days yet, so I am waiting, but getting really frustrated. Just wanted to make sure I have no other options but wait or refile.
  8. I just read other experiences from people and also heard from an attorney that there’s a risk of double charging because they could possibly find that first case. So my question is rather is there any way to cancel the previous authorization form to use my husband’s credit card with a new application so they would consider only a new authorization form?
  9. Does it mean that there is nothing I can do because they lost my application? Do I have to refile now? And if so how to avoid double fee charging?
  10. Decided to open a new topic because seems like the majority of other June 2019 filers were lucky to have their biometrics already. Me, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Some info first: Package (GC/EAD/AP concurrently filed) sent to Chicago lockbox by USPS priority mail on June 20 Received by USCIS on June 22 (According to the tracking number). No NOA, No texts, no money cashed from my husband’s credit card. What I’ve done by now: 1) Called USCIS Contact Center three times, no info about the case. Tier 1 operator created a service request a week ago, but nothing since then. 2) Sent a letter to Lockbox support more than a week ago, no response yet. 3) No Infopass appointments are allowed in my local office, so I am not sure how to get there and if such an appointment would even help. Do not know what else I could possibly do to track down my case. My i94 is going to expire soon and looks like I’m running out of options. Did anyone have such an experience before? Does this situation mean that I have to refile the application if they don’t reply till 30 days since June 22 are over? How high is the risk to get charged with the filing fee twice? How to avoid this if I have to refile the application?
  11. Same story here. Called them, no info about the case in their database, the Contact Center is useless in such situations. I strongly recommend sending an email to lockbox support just in case. They haven’t got back to me yet, but at least I tried. By law they have 30 days to send you NOA. Was your check cashed/money cashed from your credit card?
  12. Hey anyone still waiting for their NOA1..? Ive been waiting since June 22 and nothing still. Should I be very worried, refile? USCIS never came back to me either through lockbox support or phone inquiry. I’m freaking out because i94 is gonna expire soon as well. This system is just full of frustration even though you do everything by the book :( what if they really lost our case :(
  13. Yeah, that’s what I think too, I’ll be very hopeful for next week. Really don’t wanna refile this stuff again.. Contact Center is useless in such a situation as I see. They really don’t know where cases are until they’re in their database, so either luck or lockbox support 😂 was the money cashed at the same day you received NOA electronically? and congratulations! Good luck and patience for your immigration journey. With USCIS it is Russian roulette indeed lol
  14. I am so happy for you, and your message definitely gives me hope. My case still has not been found. They received it on June 22, but no info still. I wrote on lockbox support, nothing yet. Contact Center is useless in this matter so I just have to wait more I guess. Anyone else waiting for NOA here?
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