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  1. I got both green card and EAD within 8 days after this status. green card in hand!!!!
  2. It’s not bizarre! You’ll receive the approval letter and the next status will be “your card was mailed” and “your card was picked up by USPS” (not everyone get the last status but I just got it today, the day before my card should be delivered). Congratulations!
  3. Congratulations to you! could you please tell me if you got the tracking number for your card or not? And if so how fast did it happen? also when you got the status “the card was mailed”, how long did it take for you to receive it? I’m still waiting for mine and there is no tracking number yet. thanks!
  4. EAD received. That’s funny because my GC was mailed too, but idk the tracking number yet. so just for the statistics: Filed June 24 EAD approved: Nov 8 EAD in hand: Nov 16 GC approved: Nov 13 GC mailed: Nov 14 Don't lose hope folk. You’ll get it eventually and then your life will be different. Just give it some more time. I truly wish good luck to everyone on their immigration journey!
  5. Hey everyone! Got our interview done, approved on the spot! Now got this status :) good luck to everyone still waiting! im so happy it’s over for the next two years
  6. Got an update from myuscis that my EAD was approved yesterday. The funny thing that is my interview is Wednesday next week (Nov 13th) lol good luck to everyone!
  7. Thanks! Well I just got a letter lol it took me 5 days too from Missouri to New York. November 13th! Thank God it’s not Friday xD Im so happy that now I have hope it’s gonna be over soon. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!
  8. Hi! Congratulations!! I’m waiting for my interview notice, the status “interview was scheduled” changed 6 days ago. How long did it take for you to receive a letter? Was this letter sent from a local office or from Missouri?
  9. Can’t believe it was scheduled!!!! So awesome. It’s is indeed a great week. I wish everyone good luck and patience. It’s gonna be just alright!
  10. Oh man don’t even get me started. I’m so frustrated. My case is ready to schedule since Sept 18 and I was sure my FO is not busy. It’s just so annoying. But what can we do? Just have to be patient and wait... just letting you know you’re not alone.
  11. Thanks for the information. Damn we live in Buffalo... our office is traditionally not busy but such news doesn’t sound good :( idk I mean I would love to get an interview scheduled soon and get a green card, but spending extra money with me not working doesn’t sound good. P. S. Got no updates since 6 days ago. Case is ready to be scheduled...
  12. Could you please specify where exactly in upstate NY? I haven’t seen the post about it. Thanks!
  13. Just got this status! Sent June 24th NOA July 16th FO: Buffalo, NY Hope to get scheduled soon :)
  14. I’m sorry it wasn’t helpful for you. However, just like with the hotline, you have to be patient and look for a more helpful person on the line. For the first time I was given some standard useless answer as well. So you need to disconnect and try again and again if you really wanna try to find something out. At the very least this way of contacting USCIS maybe useful for tier 1 kind of requests, without having to wait more than an hour to hear anything. If you wanna speak with a tier 2 officer, I’m not sure if you can do it this way. If anyone did it, please share your experience.
  15. Hi! No, unfortunately the case tracker is still stuck at “fingerprint review was completed”. So that’s why I mentioned in my post that I’m not sure how reliable this info from the agent is. However the agent answered “yes” to my direct question if my case is ready to be scheduled. Also the agent confirmed it’s still at NBC, that’s why the interview wasn’t scheduled, because the local office does the scheduling. Anyway at the very least it was helpful to find out at least that they did receive my case on June 24, that the NOA late arrival didn’t affect my case and that my case is still at NBC and they have no questions for me. Easier to find out at least this info by the internet inquiry than hang on the phone for hours to hear nothing. Of course I hope yet to get some official info of the case change status...
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