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  1. What were the reasons they were revoking him? What attorney did you use? I have had consultation with 2 attorneys, both said they do not want to appeal or motion to reopen both said its better file again first one said $10,000 without even asking me much questions the 2nd talked to me for a bit and went over the letter from USCIS with me and asked me a lot of questions about my husband and Myself. He told me $3500. We both know we are going to have a long and hard time ahead of us but we are not going to give up.
  2. We married a year and 2 months after meeting. My child was 1 when we met.
  3. What they are saying is he said 2015 but then said 2016 ( which is correct) but according to my husband he never said 2015. He was able to answer everything about me correct like what car I drive, what my work office looks like my house, outside my house, where I park my favorite color and food. What I do for a living, my income. The one thing he didn't know was my favorite movie and I'm being totally honest when I say I don't have one. He knew all my family members, my and my daughters birthday, what she likes to play. It's just crazy to me.
  4. Only issue with me moving to his country is that I have a small child, otherwise I would have moved there a long time ago.
  5. It was revoked by USCIS. It was sent back to USCIS after being in AP for 2 years, received NOIR and responded in February, now received revocation notice.
  6. So, I received a revocation notice for my husbands I 130. Anyone who has gone thru this, is it better to appeal or start all over and submit a new application? We have been going thru this process for 4 years now and are so frustrated and disappointed.
  7. Hello all I just Received a NOIR in the mail for my husbands Cr-1 after being in AP for 2 years. Would appreciate any advice from others on responding and if anyone has used a lawyer for this? Or is it best just to do on my own???
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