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  1. fs2439

    O1-B Approved, struggling with the DS-160

    Thanks for your reply! Congratulations!
  2. fs2439

    O1 VISA UPDATE 2019

    I applied with premium processing, so the first result and the one after the rfe came in under 15 days each
  3. Meet requirements and play for lawyer. That's all. Remember petions are under much greater scrutiny under trump
  4. fs2439

    Flying into Newark during the shutdown

    Thank you for the feedback!
  5. Good morning! Did anyone fly into Newark during the shutdown? Did you face any difficulties? I fly in from south america tomorrow morning on a non-immigrant employment-based visa. Thanks, fs2439
  6. it's not a bypass. it's an actual option. there are other things to worry about with the o - i.e. meeting criteria - but the waiver is definitely not one of them.
  7. fs2439

    O-1 VISA Help

    hi lightbndr, could you let us know how you solved this? thank you
  8. I am looking for a faculty job too! if you have any hints, please let me know. my difficulty has been that i am a licensed psychologist in brazil, but not the us. i will try to get licensed in the us (and have been trying for several years) but it will likely require going back to grad school on top of my current clinical job. i was a professor for some time in brazil, but in the us everywhere i've applied has asked me to be licensed... what school are you a dean at?
  9. fs2439


    It's an expensive process and I went through it to avoid the problem with J1 waiver as I already had a job offer. It's just a little better than the H1, spouse can't work though that may change for H1, but it's good to know the option is there. If you want me to send you my lawyer's contact let me know. you need to meet three out of the 8 requirements.
  10. fs2439


    Hi gkt, Just so you know about the option, you might want to look into an O visa as well, which does not require a j1 waiver
  11. fs2439

    OPT denied

    Wow, how unfortunate. Any news?
  12. fs2439

    O1A - Administrative Processing from 5 weeks

    Any news? Visa processes are so annoying!
  13. fs2439

    O1-B Approved, struggling with the DS-160

    Let us know how this goes. Wishing you luck
  14. fs2439

    O1-B Approved, struggling with the DS-160

    I would look in my emails to see if i could find proof that the lawyer said that. I would also seek legal advice I felt confident with to prepare for the interview