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  1. correction: I did not REDO the interview
  2. it's good to find that out. my employer does not fit clearly into these categories (I don't think) and is cap exempt somehow.... hr will tell you this first thing
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to delete my own profile from this website? I am a bit tired by the police atmosphere of this website and would like to delete my profile, but I do not know how to do it. Any ideas? Thank you
  4. i did not have to review the interview. there is a mistake in my description. i did not rate the embassy, and they understood i gave it a zero rating, which i can't fix
  5. this question will also go unanswered, given the inappropriate tone that it adopts.
  6. your wife should not withdraw now though. did you discuss this with her before applying for the greencard? many americans do not understand how complex this process is for immigrants
  7. yes there is a cap-exempts h1-b for nonprofits. h1-b is much easier and less time consuming, especially with a cap-exempt employer!
  8. Based on my experience, you shouldn't worry about this at all! Although I was also worried. They just asked my why I have an outstanding ability and I gave a one sentence answer and they were satisfied. maybe they asked the company i would work at and role i would have. that was it. went to administrative processing for a couple of days because by documentation was not in the pims system yet, then changed to issued. let us know how it goes
  9. Yes, i was born elsewhere. Thank you
  10. Hello, Does anyone know what are the chances of being selected on the diversity visa lottery? Does it depend on country of birth/chargeability? Thank you
  11. I had the same question. just entered visa lottery on an O, which i am still unclear about in terms of being dual intent or not. Participating in the lottery does not count against me if I need to renew my O? Thank you!
  12. I think you can't do that. They probably can't e-verify you either after current expiration. I think you need to wait for ead
  13. Congratulation!!! I am SO happy for you!!! My best wishes. ❤️
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