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  1. Niw (national interest waiver) falls into exception ix according to multiple lawyers. I know people going through consular processing who filed for niw
  2. Niw is not affected by the ban. I would imagine eb1a isn't either. There are e1/e2 visas for several treaty countries, not just Australia. I am not sure if e visas are affected by the ban. I would recommend working with a lawyer for niw or eb2. I used klasko. They are expensive but generally effective. Also, I too have a us citizen partner. I didnt feel comfortable rushing marriage for the Visa. It was the right decision for me and gives me a lot of independence. My professional life can remain separate from my romantic life. Good luck to you on this journey!
  3. You should also look into an EB2 National Interest Waiver (if you're not from India or China) as the criteria are much less stringent than EB1A.
  4. Yrs, I have everything. Congratulations again! I filed an i140 though, so not sure what the lawyer will suggest as o1 is not fully immigrant intent. We'll see. Its encouraging that your o1 got approved in late june/early July! I was under the impression that everything was halted due to the probable furloughs. Congratulations and happy holiday
  5. Congratulations! No rfe? Did you just file the same petition as your original o1? Did the lawyer charge a reasonable percentage of the value of the original petition? I might need yo do the same thing as you soon.
  6. Let us know how you solved this. Thank you
  7. As far as I know, the budgetary "cut" is due to less applications, given that uscis is funded by application fees, not the us government. Anyone have a different understanding than me?
  8. If I remember correctly it's emailed. Did you apply with pp or upgrade after some time? I had my own lawyer and he recommended upgrade to avoid them running out of time and just issuing an rfe to buy time, but my employer disagreed and what the lawyer said would appear to have happened in my case. We just resent stuff as a response to the rfe and got a new letter and then got the approval. I'm hoping your rfe is a similarly simple one.
  9. Mine received rfe on day 15, then was approved on day 15
  10. Thanks! I had read this at some point but couldn't find it again and didn't remember supplement A. 👍❤🌷
  11. Here is an example: https://www.murthy.com/2013/07/26/interfiling-new-immigrant-petition-into-pending-i-485-case-part-1-of-2/ there seems to be no set requirements
  12. I can't remember where I read it. Probably on the USCIS website. It was a list of possible reasons why someone my port their I485. I will do the research if and when selected. Thanks again
  13. Per Brazilian media, GC holders are not affected. I was wondering about those on AP. Any ideas based on previous bans from Europe, China, etc?
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