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  1. I'm reading it needs to say "Este documento acredita que el certificado emitido lo es con excepción al artículo 51 del Código Penal, a solicitud del propio interesado." on the bottom? Is that correct? Also does it need to be legalized or can we just bring the printed PDF?
  2. Hi all - Can anyone share with me a photo of the police certificate with the "con excepcion al articulo 51 del codigo penal"? We are getting ready to go do it in CABA and want to make sure we receive the right one. Thanks!
  3. I also submitted our email addresses per the guide but never received anything. So I ended up updating it with them over the phone one of the times I called. I gave them both emails and they still sent everything to me (petitioner), even the P3 from the embassy was sent to me only, not my fiance. Just goes to show no two experiences are alike and mileage will definitely vary.
  4. I'm making a big PDF of everything for P3 so my fiancé can just print it and send to the embassy before the interview (I'm the organized one lol). So in that it has scans of everything they ask for. We're working separately to gather things right now. I'm flying to BA for his interview so I will bring my originals (I-134, tax transcripts, etc) and combine them with his originals (acta, police cert, divorce decree, etc.). Basically we're just gonna bring a folder of originals + medical envelope to the interview.
  5. No you don’t have to call if you don’t want to. They should email you a letter with case # once it’s in transit to BA. You’ll also get an email from the embassy when they’ve processed it and are ready to schedule the interview. The reason people like to call is because the sooner you get the case # the sooner you can start tracking it. In the end it’s your choice how hands on you want to be 😌
  6. Ours took 3 weeks from our NOA2. I’d suggest following the July K1 NOA2 > NVC thread to find people with similar NOA2 dates. That helped us estimate better when to call to get the case # because people with dates similar to us were getting theirs.
  7. Yes my fiancé lives in CABA so he just found a local photo shop in his neighborhood
  8. Welcome and congrats! Yes 5x5 just ask for that size or tell them it’s for a US visa. If you have any other questions we’re here to help
  9. Feliz viernes a todos! We scheduled our interview for Aug 29!!! 🙌🎊🤞
  10. I'm not 100% sure but yes I think you can bring any updated stuff to the interview (especially since it will probably be months since you first filed AOS)
  11. I believe once you're in the U.S. everything needs to be in English so you'll need it translated if it's in Spanish. Bring the original (Spanish) and translated one to the interview. This post is pretty helpful in determining if you can submit your DS-3025 (what she got from the doctor) or need to submit I-693:
  12. We missed the last June shipment by a few days and also had to wait the full 2 weeks for the July 9th shipment. All in good time, friend
  13. One thing I wanted to ask was about was what you physically brought to the embassy. We are planning to bring a folder with originals, our wallets with ID, but I've read you can't bring things like a cell phone at all. So we should just leave them at home?
  14. @Fla&Mark Congrats and safe travels!!!!! Thank you for your advice on the interview, good to know we should plan for more time at the embassy
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