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  1. Great news. It turns out you were right. Our status changed last night to our card is being produced. I am so so so so so so happy.
  2. Called today and the lady said the case was still processing. However she did see movement on the case from yesterday. Hopefully that means an RFE comes soon.
  3. Does anyone have experience with RFE's after the AOS interview? My interview was July 1st and we have not heard back yet. The lady at the interview said my wife might get an RFE to verify her vaccines. I was just wondering how long it takes to get the RFE so we can fix the issue. I know it won't help but we will call the USCIS tomorrow to see if they have any information.
  4. We had our interview in the Queens office about two weeks ago on July 1st. We got to the office and checked in about 20 minutes before our scheduled time. We had to wait about 40 minutes before they called us into the room. We sat down and were sworn in. The interview was not bad and lasted about 30 minutes. She pretty much went down the whole application asking questions such as who are your spouses siblings, where you live, where your spouse works. It was the whole application from start to finish. About 90% of the questions were directed at my wife (she is the foreigner). After the questions she asked to see our evidence. We had photos, wedding invitations, my passport stamps, mail, insurance, and other stuff. Overall the interview seemed easy. However for the bad news after the interview was over we got the paper saying our case was pending. The lady said we may review an RFE and that my wives vaccines may have to be reviewed. That doesn’t make sense since the medical paperwork from Colombia should still be good. It has almost been two weeks and no response yet. I really hope that the possible RFE doesn’t happen to others because it is dumb. But interview wise wise you should do good if you know your spouse. Best of luck
  5. Our status just changed to the post office picked up the card. The status included a tracking number and the package will be here Thursday.
  6. My wife got her new social security card today before getting her work permission. She was approved Monday, so it should come soon. She is worried because the social security card only shows her first name and new last name (my last name). They did not print her middle name at all. I hope this will not be a problem. Has anyone had an issue with that?
  7. What did the RFE say specifically? We had our interview yesterday and everything went fine but the case officer said they may have to issue us an RFE to verify my wives vaccinations with the Civil Surgeon. I am confused why we would have to. I am not sure if our cases are similar. I am still hoping we do not receive an RFE.
  8. We did not redo any medical exams in America, her exam was in Colombia in September. I am sorry for any confusion, I was in panic researching haha maybe not the best idea. I guess that happens when you are hit with a curve ball at the interview.
  9. Sorry to create confusion. I hope the officer was incorrect maybe and we do not get an RFE. Thank you for your response. I am still preparing for an RFE obviously but you gave me some hope that maybe she was wrong. As mentioned before our EAD was approved so thank god for that just in case.
  10. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-policy-manual-update It appears the civil surgeons signature is good for up to 60 days. If you applied within that 60 days then the I-693 is valid for 2 years. Before the signature was good for a year but the I-693 was valid for 1 year. I filed the I-693 about 90 days after my wife got the civil surgeons signature so it may not have been valid anymore. I will definitely follow up here when I get the official RFE.
  11. Just got back from the interview and everything went well. It was an hour long and the questions were easy. However, the lady said we may get an RFE due to the medical signature to approve my wives vaccinations. We were really confused because my wife got the medical in September and we thought it was good for a year. After reading online it seems starting November 1st. The medical signature is good only 60 days before applying. I am angry I did not notice that change in policy since we applied in December. Hopefully the RFE comes quickly and we can fix that issue fast. Thank got our EAD was approved today just in case.
  12. Great news my EAD status changed to card is being produced. My NOA1 date is December 19th. The funny thing is our green card interview is today, so this does not help us too much but it is great news for December filers. Though it is good to have the social security card updated with my wives new last name before getting the green card.
  13. Yea I know it isn’t too far away but it stunk a lot that those idiots would do that to people. I am happy some people were able to do their interview still before the drill. It is summer so that will keep us busy enough.
  14. We went to at the scheduled time and all interviews after 12 PM were rescheduled for July 1st. Apparently the building is going to have an evacuation drill. That was nice of them to notify us about that, I wasted a vacation day.
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