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  1. All praise be to Almighty Allah.. I have received my passport today after 7 working days.I'm leaving for USA on Sunday. Thank you so very much everyone for helping me out throughout this visa journey.You guys really helped me alot.😊
  2. 1) Three -weeks for NVC to review your forms and documents once they receive both the petitioner’s financial documents and the applicant’s civil documents. 2) Once NVC has reviewed all the required financial & civil documents and if all documents are correct, you will receive an email from NVC saying that your case is "documentarily qualified" you can even check messages in the "Messages" section of the CEAC website. You may receive a “checklist ” from NVC asking you to re-submit some of your documents, that means NVC received the documents you sent but something is missing or incorrect. * If any document is incorrect they will leave a note saying to delete and re-upload. * If all document are correct, status will be shown as "Accepted " with a green tick mark. 3) No,there's no need to call NVC.Just be patient. 4) Yes,One must bring the original version of all civil documents submitted to NVC, copies of those documents, and financial documents from the petitioner and any other financial sponsors. Scanned copies of financial documents would be fine.Ask your wife to email you all docs. 5) Yes,i have read a few threads where applicant's passport biographic page was rejected because it was uploaded to Ceac in a horizontal orientation, as opposed to vertical. I uploaded my passport's first page in horizontal orientation.Luckily My all documents were accepted ,i received my case complete from NVC after 7 working days. Some got it after 10 -12 working days. Incase If you don't find any answer you are looking for ,you can send an inquiry to NVC,they will respond you after 9-10 days. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html?wcmmode=disabled
  3. Many congratulations.🙂 @ahm12, @WSI & me also got Approved on 5th September. Hopefully We will get passport next week.
  4. No,still stuck at ready ,What could be the reason? I have been reading all horrible threads on Vj about the case status after the interview.Scared like hell now.
  5. No,they didn't ask me for PCC at the time of the interview,it was a total waste of money & time. I was just asked to submitt a few documents : 1) Nadra Birth Certificate with late entry marked on it 2) Marriage certificates ( Urdu ,Nadra MC & English translation) 3) Interview letter 4) Medical (sealed envelope) 5) Two Passport size pics 6) Passport
  6. You can choose whatever you want.Some VJ'ers put NO on that one, and add "But I will have the medical results by the time of the interview". Some put YES instead and added no further explanation even if they hadn't done the medical yet. Embassy won't issue your visa until they have your medical results either way.
  7. Yes,An African American lady took my interview in native language but she was very nice & polite .
  8. Yes,she is lucky indeed MashaAllah Ab aik aur tension next week tak.😣
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