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  1. SteveInBoston

    New Social Security application for K1 visa

    @C90, Thank you. We will wait the 4 weeks and call/visit the SSA office if it takes longer.
  2. Hello, My fiance arrived in Boston on Feb. 9. I checked an her online I-94 information was available within a day. We went to the SSA office yesterday (Feb 14) to apply for a new SSN. The SSA agent took my fiance's form and passport and typed in all the information. Then she went to the back office and came back with a letter saying that the SSA needs to verify my fiance's Alien status with Federal, State or Local office, and that the process may take 4 weeks. Is this normal? I thought the I-94 information is enough (along with the K1 visa stamped in her passport) for the SSA to issue her number and mail it to us. Perhaps 5-10 working days? I fear that the agent didn't process the new number application correctly and it will be on hold until we marry and file the AOS, which defeats the purpose of us submitting the application early. I want to add her to my health insurance and other policies as soon as possible after we marry next week.
  3. SteveInBoston


    So, you received your NOA2 in January? Read this thread: There's good information there, including next steps specific to Jamaica
  4. I wish I could say it gets easier, that you stop worrying. Even after she passed the interview and was waiting the 5 days to get her passport and visa, I kept checking CEAC to see if the visa was issued. It helps to keep busy, with work or preparing for the next step or even planning on what to do when you get to the US/your fiance arrives in the US.
  5. Congratulations! We are 1 day behind you - my fiance arrived in Boston yesterday (Feb 9). We were very lucky - the plane landed 30 minutes early and it took her about 30 minutes to clear POE and collect her luggage. Good luck everyone!
  6. No. There is no registration of your mobile number. The IRS conducts an identity check when you create an online account, and part of that check involves verification via mobile phone. 1st, they check that the name registered to the mobile phone matches your name. 2nd, they send you a code via sms to that mobile phone. Then you can enter that code to finish verification. If the mobile phone is not in your name, or for some reason you can't get the code via sms text, then you request to have them mail the code to your home via US Post.
  7. Partially correct. There is a second option if you have a mobile phone with the account in your name. They will text you the code to enter right away, without having to wait. If the phone number is under a family/group plan or was given to you from your work, it will not work and you will need to request the code by mail. Also, if you have a land-line phone in your name it will not work - only mobile phones.
  8. Check the OP's timeline - it's pretty thorough
  9. My fiance will pick it up at the local TMM express office in her city. I found a way to track the delivery status by going here (for Ukraine): http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ua/ua-niv-passporttrack.asp There is a section on that page where you can enter the passport number and see it's status. It also has instructions on how to send email for an automated response of the status. My fiance's passport is in transit.))
  10. Thank you! Based on your post I tried the ceac tracker for the nonimmigrant visa type, using my fiance's DS-160 application number. It shows that the visa is "Issued" as of today, 31-Jan. Stage 1 of this journey is almost over, soon on to the AOS leg.
  11. I was wondering if anyone experienced a similar issue: My fiance had her interview at the Kyiv embassy on Jan 28 and was approved. She was given a slip of paper that stated the same and that her passport and visa package will be ready for pickup in 5 days. I logged into the CEAC case tracker site and entered the NVC case number (for Immigration Visa), but the webpage times out after waiting. It shows some small scrolling blue bars right above the Immigration visa type field, like it is searching for the record. When I accidentally entered the wrong NVC case number yesterday, it immediately responded with the status - Ready (someone else's NVC case). After I corrected the case number, it still times out without showing any results. It is not a problem with the case number itself - at least I hope it isn't. Because I entered a random case number and it immediately responds with "no record found". Has anyone seen this? Is it something I should worry about and call NVC? Screenshot of the issue, circled in red:
  12. I believe the last statement to mean either 1040 (with W2) or Transcript - I personally submitted only the Transcript for the I-134 that I gave to my fiance, and the embassy in Kyiv had no issues. But like you state, an over-abundance of caution is better than someone at the embassy using that statement verbatim. Agreed it is better to include W2 with Transcript.
  13. Incorrect, according to the instructions. I copied the instruction below from page 8 of the I-864 instructions because I-134 instructions do not specify (transcript vs 1040): The reason for this is the Transcript is a receipt and confirmation of income, and has all tax information logging in the system at the IRS. The earned income figure on a 1040 is manually entered (for paper and PDF 1040 forms). You need W2's with the copy of the 1040 as actual verification of earned income.
  14. IRS transcript OR W2s and 1040, not both. 2018 Taxes are not due until 15 April. You do not have to prove income for 2018 unless you submit I-134 after 15 April. The most current tax return would be 2017 until 15 April.
  15. I will add a post to the Kyiv embassy review later. She said her interview only took 5 minutes and they asked 6 questions, but I don't have details because she was busy today trying on dresses for the wedding and then meeting some old friends for dinner. We used the information provided by @Greenbaum, completing the items on the P3 checklist ahead of time. We added fresh "intent to marry within 90 days" letters from each of us (it wasn't listed on P3). She was never married, has no children, and did not serve in the military, so the Marriage/Divorce/Death/Military/Adoption records were not required. We had photos of us in Greece (3 months after proposal) and in Ukraine (I spent 2 months with her and her family over the holidays), my plane tickets, and whatsapp screenshots and chat log samples for the proof of ongoing relationship.