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  1. Our NOA2 was Nov 14th, and after calling today was told our case was received at the NVC and assigned our case number on Dec 5th I'm not sure if that means we'll miss out on the shipment on the 10th? Will there be a shipment on the 24th?
  2. We got our NOA2 approval today on the 14th Nov 😃 We got our NOA1 on 13th Aug
  3. Yes if the petitioners are on Medicaid, it means that the beneficiaries will need to be on some kind of private insurance instead when it comes time for adjustment of status. That's my understanding, unless I have that wrong
  4. Yep we have always gone by the 125% so that we are prepared for the higher threshold once adjusting status. I suppose it is more worrying when it comes to that part, as that might be when all of our circumstances look more negative overall, even if it isn't an issue during the K1 process.
  5. Thanks for the advice, it does help to put our minds at rest a little. We did not know that the health insurance part had been blocked for the time being. And we do absolutely plan on using a joint sponsor. It was just the worry of them putting all those negatives together that we were worried might lead to them being more inclined to refusing us
  6. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice on a concern my fiancé and I have over the public charge side of things. We sent off our petition in August, so are hoping to maybe hear something about our case this month (looking at average timelines lately). However our situation is causing us worries since all the new press about public charge and insurance etc. Our current situation is this: 1. My fiancé (the petitioner) works full time but is short of the 125% poverty salary for the household. He is currently looking for better work or a second job, but at the moment we were going to use his mother as a joint sponsor. 2. He does not have health insurance with his job, and is on Medicaid right now. 3. I have no employment history up to this point, however have every intention of working as soon as I would be permitted to once over there. With these things working against us, we are getting highly worried and upset that we won't even get past an interview. We have been getting so disheartened that we even considered if we should just withdraw our petition for now, but it is the very last thing we actually want to do. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it is still worth going through with it as far as we can? And any advice on what we could do to increase our chances in such a short amount of time? I don't think he is going to be able to increase his salary enough any time soon. I could try find a job before we get to the interview stage but i'm not sure a short period of work like that would satisfy them enough. The only thing we could manage is to have me on some kind of insurance once I got there. To be so close to finally being together after our 4 year relationship, we're heartbroken at the prospect of a denial.
  7. Our packet was delivered 9th Aug and my fiance received our NOA1 text today 13th Aug 🙂
  8. Also, my fiance just asked whether when filling in about our visits with each other, is there any point me mentioning how we had organised and paid for another visit and i'd got as far as touching down in the US only to be denired entry? So that they see we had attempted to spend another visit with each other, or leave that part out on the initial application?
  9. Thank you all for the help and suggestions! I have done months of research about this but there were just those few things we wanted to be sure of and so apologies if some seemed redundant. It's easy to get overwhelmed. The only part i'm still unsure of is where it says Family Name for people like my mother. Would this be her maiden name on her birth certificate or the married name she officially goes by now and is on her passport etc?
  10. Hey everyone, sorry if these seem really dumb, but i have some questions regarding things to do with the form. I don't want to risk making any mistakes, so i'd rather be safe than sorry! Any help would be very much appreciated! 1. Parts of the pdf form are not open to electronically fill in. Should we fill in what we can electronically and fill the rest in by hand? 2. Do you put N/A in parts that need no answer, or do you leave them blank? 3. Where it says 'Family Name' for yourself/parents etc, do we use current last names or maiden names of people? 4. I am from England, UK.. Wherever it asks for country, do we put England, UK? Or just UK? Or Great Britain? 5. As my father died, in his residence field what do we put? Do we write 'deceased'? 6. When we had organised a holiday for me to the US earlier this year, i was not given admission and sent back home (details on another of my past posts). On the question that asks if i have ever been to the US, do i tick yes or no? Having been sent right back home, do i tick no? I have no i-94 entry after looking that up 7. In the phone number parts, do you need to put country codes in? 8. What do you actually write in the part about actual circumstances of in person meeting? Do we just put the dates and where in this box and then elaborate in the declaration of meeting? Or do we need to put a lot of details about it on the form? 9. What do you put on the money order for where the fee is being paid to? 10. What address do we put at the top of the cover letter and the letters of intent? Sorry for all the questions! Just want to be thorough
  11. Thanks for the advice so far 🙂 I did figure I was over-analysing, so I'll stress a little less over it! I think I will just grab a very small handful of snippets just to add a few even if they aren't completely necessary. But still, what would you think would be the best place to take the screenshots from? Fb messenger app, fb website from my pc browser, or a third party export?
  12. Hi everyone, i wonder if some of you could put my mind at rest. I know i might be overthinking this but i don't want to risk anything going wrong and making a silly mistake anywhere. I've read that you shouldn't need to add a lot of proof of your relationship in terms of chat logs in the initial stage of the K1 packet, as they are more interested in seeing that you have met in person and the proof regarding that, but i would still like to add a few chat snippets in from over the years as something in addition and as peace of mind. So my questions are: 1. As we have been together for 3 years now and have literally thousands and thousands of messages on facebook messenger, how often should i take snippets from? A conversation every 2 months? 3 months? Are there any conversational subjects that would be better than others to show? Like talking about the future, lovey dovey stuff, generic conversations of us talking about our lives? 2. I am not sure where i should take the screenshots from. I could take screenshots of past chats on my phone using the messenger app, but using the conversation search on the messenger app to go back in the chat history seems to leave out pics and emotes etc within the conversations. Or i have found a browser extension that saved our entire chat history, including all pics and emotes within conversations but is not from the official fb app or fb site. Or i could use facebook website itself, but fb messenger on the browser is so large and full of other distracting things on each side. So which of these options would be best? Again, i know i'm making a mountain out of a molehill by stressing over it so much lol, but the K1 process is a little overwhelming and starting to put together our packet is daunting. So i'd rather ask and stop stressing about it, plus then i will be getting it ready a whole lot sooner! 😃
  13. I'm sorry to hear everyone else's experiences too. I just didn't realise how much would be frowned upon until it was too late. As I said, it was my first time travelling abroad and I naively thought that with the approved ESTA allowing upto 90 days, it would allow upto 90 days. I'm on a gap year after my degree and put my job hunting on hold so that I would have the time to spend over there. As you know, with long distance you don't get the time that other couples do, so we simply were excited to make the most of as much time as we could. We knew that we'd have all expenses covered between us and didn't intend to do any harm. Just wish I'd known what it would cause so I could have made the trip shorter. Also even though I didn't have as much funds in my debit account as they wanted, I did try and tell them that I had access to more to transfer over if i needed (it was my mum that worries about cards being lost or stolen so she'd told me not to have too much in my main account at a time), to which they didn't take any notice. I could go over and over it in my head, as I have been, and forever kick myself for things we could have done differently so I would have been able to have my holiday, but it is what it is now I suppose. Just not something I will get over quickly. I am just relieved that it sounds like it shouldn't affect a K1 application.
  14. Okay well i will have to hope that's the case and that it won't affect my K1. Just always worried that anything will work against you when trying to apply. My ESTA application did get an instant approval at the time i applied, and continued to say approved. But after i got denied entry it has been changed to "travel not authorized" now. And says "You are not authorized to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. You may be able to obtain a visa from the Department of State for your travel. Please visit the United States Department of State website at www.travel.state.gov for additional information about applying for a visa." So it seems they just denied me under ESTA and that there is no ban or disallowance to try with any other visa?
  15. Yes that's right, he'd always been the one travelling over to the UK to visit me but only for a couple of weeks at a time. This was going to be my first time travelling to him and to the US and with my situation not working, we were excited to have more time. We figured we'd make the most of the opportunity for the visit and have the full allowed time on ESTA, but obviously it's frowned upon and I didn't realise. Just frustrating that it allows upto 90 days but technically it really doesn't as the US won't let you. There is so much to see over there so you'd think they might understand talking the full allotted time if you have the chance, so as to experience as much as you can. In no way was I trying to misuse the ESTA or overstay or do anything wrong. I'm trying to not hold onto being hurt and angry about it all, and to look forward instead. Just obviously very worried it will affect the future and our K1.
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