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  1. It doesn’t affect your case, it only reassure the abuse from your ex-spouse. my case I never got EAD until I got my Vawa Approval. Some get EAD others don’t... Best!
  2. They even ask for divorce certificate from the abuser! I had it so I handed it to the officer, he kept my original copy so bring one with you!
  3. It takes about a year to get any news from USCIS that your I130 has been withdrawn, your sponsor and ex-lawyer will get the letter. it happened to me...
  4. You MUST renew 4-5 months before it expired! it takes over 9-16 weeks to get the renewal 😣
  5. Always thinking on you 😘 Stay Strong, yours will come soon!!! 🙏🏼
  6. As a Vawa Petitioner with successful approval of it and my humble, painful experience is that we all learn through out the process and USVJ is the BEST outstanding source to helps us all, specially @sandranj free and good hearted advise!!! She is absolutely the BEST 💕 Just take it easy and embrace yourself, all will work out at the end... Best Luck!!! 🍀
  7. @aquila How are you? How is everything going, any news? Be Safe and Take Care 🙂
  8. Yes, all Document need to be translated. Birth Certificate, Divorce Acts, Vaccination Récord,etc...
  9. The only thing I can think of right now is i693!(medical update) The previous one should be expired by now...I was sent an RFEfor that too. So be patient and confirm when you receive it.👍 @Stillwinning!!!😊 well, that’s sounds reasonable, getting the medical update... mine one are already expired...did you already send it? If so, where did you mail it? Vermont... just asking because if the file is waiting for interview in the NBC... and VAWA is approved, where we supposed to send a RFE? Did your Notice has at the bottom the address where you have to send it? thanks a lot!!! I don’t think is the medical, it usually says request for medical, I believe they want a missing document. do not make assumptions, wait for RFE to know what they want so you can send the info requested. Good Luck!
  10. You need to start working on the change of address, it is BEST not to move but if you file all correctly your lawyer should send to USCIS the change of address. I never had a problem when I did but my lawyer basically took care of all my change of address paperwork.
  11. Happy Safe Healthy Holiday Season 2019 and Best Outcome on Every Way in Life to All for 2020 🥳
  12. It took on 2017 fillers approvals of 2018 around 5-10 months to get interview, on today’s date might be a bit longer... congratulations on your approvals!
  13. congratulations 🍾 now a waiting tune to get I485 Interview ser... some get Courtesy Letter some don’t until they get their Interview Notice. It is about 5-10 months waiting time for the interview to happen sometimes a bit longer... best for 2020 🥳
  14. Well I hope you get it but as I said before all is 50/50. Keep us posted! Best 💫
  15. Not everyone gets Prima Face, people said you were supposed to file C09 but according to my lawyer it doesn’t matter... I had to wait almost 18 months for my EAD once my I360/Vawa got approved! hang in there, it will come eventually.... Good Luck!
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