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  1. However, a copy of NOA2 is required for adjustment of status application down the road
  2. Sorry to hear it and hope that you will receive a new interview date soon. Good luck. Btw, would you mind telling me when you filed the AOS papers? My local office is the same as you and would like to have an estimate how long I have to wait for the interview. Thanks.
  3. I think u may ask your finance to first take a look at her copy of DS3025 (the doc should have given her a copy of the signed form), if the box ‘K visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements’ is checked by the doctor.
  4. Same as SFO. We were told to go thro the US citizens line together
  5. Hello all, I took your advice and include a copy of mc in both my I765 and I131 applications. The package was just mailed out this morning. Thanks again. You guys are wonderful!
  6. Thanks all for your kind reply. Hope that I will get everything ready and mail the package out by next week.
  7. Hello everyone, I’m currently gathering the supporting docs for my AOS/ EAD/ AP application. Understood that a certified copy of marriage certificate is required for AOS, but l’m not 100% sure for the other two applications. My question is - Do I need to submit another 2 certified copies of marriage certificate for my EAD and AP applications? Thanks in advance!
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