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  1. Good to know-thanks He was only 41 & working so no SSA etc but have applied for the one-off widow death benefit
  2. I expect to pay tax, not to have to take my panties down & bend over....but what difference does it make really, I lost my Everything.
  3. My husband(sponsor) died last month, this whole immigration stuff would have been hard enough without losing my Love. I cant find another sponsor in the family. Today I found out the IRS will take 30% of his 401k & life insurance if I'm still a non-resident alien. Having issues with the car & it's insurance too. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's all too much to bear right now!
  4. Attended scheduled biometric appointment last week. Today I received another appointment letter for another appointment at the support centre for biometrics on 3rd October. Eh, what?
  5. I can just wear jeans/casual clothes, yes? I'm sure I read that was fine & I'm sorry if its asked a million times a day but 'widow fog' is causing me to freak out a little. Also, do I need to inform them today of my husband's death? When should I do this? Thanks for any help you can give me
  6. Correct! As much as I really would have loved to have seen The Orb I just plumb never manage it! The Orb?
  7. Yep, it's lifted from the beginning of a letter he wrote & hid in my hand luggage before I left the first time I came over here to visit.....& Forget Me Nots because he asked me to promise never to forget him(that's the easiest promise ever to keep).
  8. Thanks for playing, seen Pulp @ T in the Park Sleep well
  9. Nope, saw Bad Manners at The Wicker Man then danced with Buster Bloodvessel in the Reggae Tent afterwards. Hole? How's things going for you folks?
  10. Next guess is Guns & Roses I'm 'doing' I guess *shrugs* Signed up for griefshare, don't know what to do.....husband's family are being amazing
  11. Noope....was fortunate enough to see James Brown play Glastonbury Festival. I think your lie is Sting
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