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  1. Hoping all went well for Missus Teebs surgery & wishing her a speedy recovery ❤️ Poor baby meow-meow, sending hugs to your kitteh ❤️ Well despite technology's best attempts to screw me over(technology hates me with a passion-Ryan wouldn't believe it until he witessed it for himself!) the exam went reasonably well...actually it was hella stressful-only because the system kept kicking me out each time I attempted to answer a question & I had to keep relogging in over & over-sometimes a number of times for one quesstion....I ended up with a score of 39 ...out of 40 😁 I'll take it! I just finished my powerpoint presentation 'The Benefits of Sports Massage for Special Olympics Athletes' so that's done & dusted too-phew! There's a week before the start of the next semester(online of course).....time to reorganise my books....tidy my desk....& prep for more learnings yay!!
  2. It's one of those just breathe through it days today. Despite planning on a productive day, instead I've found it nigh impossible to do pretty much anything :( Even the happiest of memories sharpen the pain of the loss right now-I know it's part of the process I just gotta make it through & I will but it blows! 5 years ago this very day we were in each other's arms for the first time...it was magical then, & always. Nothing else in all of this world can ever come close to how it felt to be held by him. Ah well, exam on Monday!
  3. Thanks Sidders. First exam done, 100% REEEESULT! To be fair it was a super-easy exam, like a game of pin-the-tail on the donkey without a blindfold!! but I'll take the score just the same....might be heading to the drinks cabinet for a celebratory gin martini in a few easy or not hah! Hey are the spiders big there? I'm generally not bothered by them. I am giggling at your preacher's huge erection....what? not my words🤪 Next exam is Monday evening-hopefully it'll be super-silly-easy also
  4. Ugh.....1st exam tomorrow.....looking forward to it.....life so rubbish right now it's going to be the highlight of the week!
  5. Hope your kitteh be ok Teebs ❤️ Friday evening is now event of the week, zoom gathering for karaoke type sing-a-long shenannaganaries, last night we(group included frens from US, Scotland & New Zealand) watched Rocky Horror complete with singing & audience participation(as best we could muster)....it's great but so quiet when everyone switches back off. I drank manys Bloody Marys & then gin martinis, during the movie, took a walk to the local Chinese place to get me some Kung-Po, watched some teevee stuff & was struggling(Ryan's birthday tomorrow) somewhat so had a few more manys gins *hic in bed & managed to get to sleep sometime around/after 3am..... 8am phonecall from Shelby at the local farm market store "You put in an application for employment, can you come in today 10am for interview?" 🤪 So I told her I had some errands to run & could she take me at 11am? I reckon it went pretty well despite last night's heavy drinking, lack of sleep & emotional distresses hah! Hopefully I'll hear from them Monday at the latest to get started next week. BOOM! Or not lol
  6. Some people really take the biscuit Sidders. Hang on in there.
  7. Sad to have to agree with what trudi says. Continuing to send the best energy & love your way Sidders. Getting organised for revision for my online course exams.....figured out I only need to clear 67% or above in each of the two tests in order to maintain my grade.....it takes the pressure off but I'll still be pushing myself to hit as high as I can. Yeah I'm that student lol
  8. You wear it well Asia! I decided it was time to cut ties, I messaged her(my sister) & was decent(as decent as you can be when telling someone you're not going to be in their life anymore), her response included 1 denial of any issues & 2 nonpologies.....I read it with 'open eyes' & as sad as it makes me I know I'm doing something I should have done some years ago. Not good! In 'other news' I'm attempting to register for summer classes(online) to continue studying massage but there's something stopping the process & I can't figure it out, it's just being the usual stoopid technology fail that always haunts me really *sigh At least the sun is shining!
  9. Massive congrats to you DnA wonderful news ❤️ Continuing to study the online-able parts of our course from home. I'm coming to the realisation that things between my sister & myself are likely completely unfixable...I'm not prepared to enable her any more, it's taken many years for me to reach this point but what do I do when she tells me she doesn't want to be in contact with me whilst I'm "like this"(she means grieving) & when I tell her that's ok I wont be in contact & reassure her I do have people whom I can turn to whilst I'm struggling.....the next day she keeps calling me....uh NOPE!! I messaged to say there's a boundaries issue & I'm not being a #######....so after a few days have passed she's engaging in some kind of fb meme offensive to get my attention....the latest I have included below for your hilarity....seriously tell me you don't want contact then post this....Oh wait I was supposed to beg for her attention how silly of me! Apologies for letting this off here.....hope you're all hanging in there
  10. Holding you in thoughts & prayers God Speed Travel safe Sidders
  11. Dear Cdneh, I'm so sorry for your loss. As someone who might understand some of how you may be feeling please let me know if you want someone to talk to, now or further along....or not & that's ok too. I'm thinking of you, & including you in prayers, stay safe, do whatever you need to do. Sending so much love your way.
  12. Flitting in to give you all my love, you lot are in my thoughts even if I'm not 'here'.... Sidders I'm continuing to hold a place for you in my heart & pray for strength to find you both. I hate that your current experiences of 'care' have been as they have, it is hard enough going through the emotional & physical demands that come with the situation itself without anything additional like this! Everyone keep safe, & as sane as possible, granted Teebs in your case you are already far beyond anything resembling sanity 🙃 My sister told me she isn't going to have anything to do with me whilst I'm not in a good place, nice one sis! I'm already down & alone, go ahead & explain to me how it's so difficult for you seeing someone you care about having a sh!t time......it's not like I have anything to compare that to is it....... Life is hard, I appreciate those who are able to be there for me, & allow me the space to 'be' where I am, especially when many of those folks are suffering themselves.....for those who are unable to stand to be with me at my worst they wont have me at my best-it's a boundaries thing. Wishing you all the best & I'm thankful as always for this amazing bunch of supportive, caring, understanding souls who are so very much more than names on a screen. Much love to all ❤️
  13. Falling apart at the seams yet intent on holding it together & get through this. Hit a low today-realised how far down I've fallen so tomorrow I'm getting into the basement to workout some! I only really have myself to hold onto, sure there are people n my life who care about me, some of them even love me, but I'll never again have someone who puts me & my happiness uppermost, before anything, or anyone(including themselves).......Ryan cared for me above all else, nobody ever did that before & well, hard as it is to swallow, I'm back to 'auld claes n parritch'.......same as it ever was.....I was given just enough of a taste of potentially how good it could be to know it.........& then boom......back down to reality I go! I'm sorry for putting this here but this place is somewhere I can let it out. I know other folks have tough stuff they are dealing with right now, sending them big love as always ❤️
  14. Continuing to send you strength Sidders, something my Ryan used to tell me, sometimes there are no ideal options, heck sometimes all the options are not what you would want but you just have to use your best judgement in the circumstances. You will know what to do. Much love to you both ❤️
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