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  1. 2 hours ago, Silove said:

    So with the I-864 and all the documents needed for that, as well as the immigrant's documents like marriage license, passport copy, photos, police report...is there a certain way they want all of that to be compiled? Or as long as we have the documents, they don't care how it's organized? I have two I-864s and one I-864A and should I be stapling those together or not? I've been trying to find information on this and am coming up blank, when before now, with other forms and packets I've always found long, specific lists of what to do.


    Thanks for this guide though! It was a lot of help, especially when it came to the I-130 portion.

    The document checker will want the police and other certificates. 


    Use binder or adco clips for each of the I-864s with the attachments at the end, ie citizenship documents and tax transcripts.  


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