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    I love strolling along the beach front, walking barefooted and getting our feets wet when the waves comes to shore; holding hands with the one you love. I can walk for hours and not even notice the distance walked or the time that has past. <br />I enjoy bowling and shooting some pool. My life has really change. I found the Lord and my life has never been so rich. I enjoy listening to christian music and reading the bible. I'm amazed at how much I have missed out not knowing the Lord until now. I'm learning so much about Jesus and it truly fills my life. I'm so bless to have a wonderful husband, and children. Praise the Lord for all his blessing.

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    Radu came to Florida on a H2B visa (work) in Jan 06. We met at work. We got more acquainted as the months past on although alittle dificult since he only spoke Romanian and I spoke English and Spanish. With the help of a English/Romanian dictionary and a Global Translator(amazing how great they work!) we started having better conversations. As the months past Radu starting picking up Spanish quite well (worked with many hispanics) and I made more of an effort by also taking some lessons in Romanian. Our relationship blossom around May and it got really serious. By the time Radu's visa was getting ready to expire and he had to return back to his homeland we were living together. He left on Sep 30, 2006. We talked to each other every day. Our love was so strong we couldn't bare being apart. On Oct 4, 2006 Radu asked me to come to Romania and marry him. I left to Romania on Nov 2nd and we got married on the 12th of November. We applied for his visa in Bucharest and was turned down. I had to come back to America and file my I130. I returned and did that as soon as I arrived back. We are in the waiting mode since. On a good note, I did get to spend the holidays with my sweetheart. My boss gave 10 days paid and I went back to Romania to be with my baby. I am grateful to God for giving me that. Now, I just want to bring him home. Radu, Te Iusbec mult, Viata mea!

    11/12/07: 1st year anniversary..time flies when you're happy and in love.
    11/12/08: 2nd year anniversary...everything going very well and we are still very much in love and happy Praise the Lord.

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