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  1. Just curious .. if I apply at a local college, being a LPR with a 2 year green card, do they see me as a Resident, or International student because I don't have citizenship yet?
  2. I'm wondering if US citizens will get preference on jobs, over people newly in the country who have just gotten 2yr Green Cards? It's hard enough finding work at all, but to think I don't have a chance because Im not a citizen yet is kinda depressing. Thoughts?
  3. A friend of mine who has been in the US for many years, for medical reasons, and who has battled to get a GC, yet has had 2 children here, has been told she has to leave the US. Im wondering who is at risk of getting a letter like this?! Esp as so many of us are mid AOS.
  4. I see California has AB5 bill which limits gig work, but Im not sure how that works. If I do get gig work online, how do I pay taxes on it, and is it possible to do gig work or is it not an option with AB5? Hope someone knows, Im confused over it.
  5. I know California has a AB5 bill that limits gig work, but Im not sure how to pay taxes on gig work Im doing. Does anyone know?
  6. What is the process from here to get citizenship? I know I need to ROC on GC 90 days before the GC expires, that'll be next year.. when and how do I apply for citizenship in future?
  7. I got NOA after biometrics, for EAD, and still waiting for any signs of life on my EAD card. Anyone else waiting still? Gosh it's taking long!! Im dying to start looking for work!!
  8. Hi! You replied to my post about Chatsworth AOS interview. 

    I see you live in Lancaster, so do I!!!! :)

    Feel free to chat if you'd like, I have not made a friend since arriving last June AAAAHHHHHH. 


  9. I know it's still a while for me until I get to ROC, but I have no idea how it works. If anyone would be willing to explain it, I'd appreciate it. I think ROC is 18months after receiving GC? And is there a 2nd interview, or do you mail it all in? Thanks!
  10. How long after your interview did you status change online? How long til you got your GC? Did anyone get any RFE's? My status hasn't changed since my interview yesterday. Waiting (im)patiently.
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