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  1. I can totally relate, and have been thinking hard about the effects of the transition psychologically. I have been here 7 months and left all family and my children in my home country. I relate to all you said, and I think that having a friend in the US to chat to in similair time zones (!!!) would be amazing. If you'd like to chat more, message me and we can encourage each other maybe daily/weekly? x
  2. I filed my AOS in September 2019... Im curious how long it took for your interview date, from date of filing. It seems like it takes about a year, if not longer, at San Fernando Valley... just curious what timeline to expect. Thanks.
  3. Hi! I applied for my police clearance certificate in Cape town too... I did not receive ANY text notifications tracking its whereabouts to PTA and back. Out of desperation I decided to use a private company, and had to go to the police station for fingerprints - I happened to go to the same branch as my previous application, and MY POLICE CL CERTIFICATE WAS ON TOP OF THE PILE, READY!!!!! They just didn't contact me at any stage to let me know. Check at your branch.. you never know IT may be ready
  4. Im wondering what people have experienced wrt AOS application timeline at the San Bernadino office in LA? I sent in my AOS paperwork early September, wondering what to expect ito timeline?
  5. Wondering if there are any support groups here or on another social media platform, for those of us battling with all things new - marriage, culture shock, delays in working, loss of family, etc.
  6. With my AOS form, I have attached my vaccination sheet from my I129f medical exam (6 months ago) as well as a photocopy of my vaccs card. IS there any other form i should mail with my AOS? or will they see with above, plus my brown med exam envelope, that I do not need another medical exam?
  7. Did you come right with this? The same happened to me, my correct name has been sent from SS office to immigration, and am trusting Ill get a SSN, but not sure. My AOS etc is now pending being mailed off.
  8. So the time limit for me to mail off my AOS and EAD etc is coming up, and I applied for my SSN a week ago at the SS offices, and there was a problem with my middle name, and it was sent off to Immigration to be corrected and then approved/denied (?? ) On my EAD, should I put that I have applied for a SSN, or ask for them to mail me one? I don't have a SSN to fill in, but do need to mail off my AOS before my I94 expires. Any advice? Do I wait it out past my expiry date until I get my ssn, or just ask for a new one sent with my EAD?
  9. Im wondering if any people on here become friends once in the US? Im finding it lonely here and wonder if any other immigrants ever find each other in the same community? Im in LA, out of the city.
  10. I married recently in the us. My kids will follow to join in December. Until they get citizenship (around 4-5 years), they'll need to visit their dad in another country once a year. What is the process for AP/reentry permit? Are these two things the same thing, or do they differ, and how? What is the cost for each visit? If anyone has experience doing this, please advise. It sounds really tricky to leave the country at all pre citizenship; I don't want any reentry issues with the kids/myself.
  11. IF I apply for a SSN using the AOS form, do they only issue me with a number and card once AOS is approved (after many months)?
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