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  1. Yes, the Embassy called and took it back and they issued my fiances new one.
  2. Hi Is Jitender in this thread? If you are there, it looks like my fiance has your sealed document and am not sure whether you have her sealed documents or have you already taken YOUR flight? If you are in this thread can you connect with me please.
  3. She is still in India. Yet to arrive as she did not get the passport until the 8th. So, we had to postpone it. It was today the 11th. So, we are postponing it for April.
  4. Just hang in there for another 10 days Thakur. It should be good you will get the Visa.
  5. I am planning for her to take the earlier booked tickets that were cancelled for her trip to Chicago, and then her trip from Chicago to Hawaii. All the marriage documents in Hawaii etc... and also our hotel bookings. As, i would be there outside at the airport, but all that I need is that she comes out. I can even book her flight from Hawaii to Chicago now and send that to her to carry. But as we know that she can only enter once, and it should not be a problem for her to fly from Hawaii to Chicago domestic without any issues by just showing her passport and her boarding pass. I will be there with her.
  6. Yes, we already applied for a marriage license in Hawaii and I have proof of payment also and email confirmation which was done in February first week. We are supposed to go there and get it on Monday morning. Yes, I already spoke to an agent there and they are aware. They asked us to come at 7:30 am and collect it and it would not take more than 30 minutes.
  7. Rahul, I hope you get yours also soon and wish you all the best. I just saw that the status shows ISSUED for my fiance. I feel sorry for you that you are sitting there for 1 month and have not even submitted your passport. I wish you and pray that you get it soon buddy. I am sure it is frustrating. Now, am not sure whether I should fly my fiance direct to Hawaii and whether the CBP officer will wonder why she is landing there and not in Chicago if her residence is in Chicago. As, we have all the proof of marriage and plans and paid for everything in Hawaii.
  8. Hi we got our Visa the status shows ISSUED. So, she should be able to go pick it up or have it by Courier BY TOMORROW.
  9. Thank you! Man, if they would have issued just one day before I would have had my marriage as planned. Now, I have to fly her to Hawaii directly and am not sure what the CBP officer will say at Hawaii? Will there be an issue as she can still fly out on Saturday morning and reach there on Saturday morning itself and we can get married on Monday. But, I hope the CBP officer will not question her why she is landing here when she is supposed to be landing in Chicago and living there.
  10. Am I the only one seeing this, where the CEAC website is not working to check the status? I have been trying for the last 3 weeks and it works sometime and does not work. But lately the last 2 weeks it tries to pull the status and times out or it takes 10 minutes to pull the status. Is this what others are seeing?
  11. Yes, they took the passport also. This must be only based on the instructions from the Officer correct? Otherwise they would not have taken the passport? Usually, I see many people they take the documents and then they after 2 weeks or 2 days they then ask for passport. But my fiance they took the passport.
  12. I am only tracking using the CEAC website and sending emails to PASSPORT status.
  13. I could not call them, but I have a Congressman from where I come from reach out to them. So, they have faxed them but have not heard back yet.
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