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  1. RoyceandHyden

    June 2018 K1 Filers

    NOA2 approved 2019-01-02, received notice on new website. NOA1 June 1/June 6. Very Very Happy!
  2. RoyceandHyden

    June 2018 K1 Filers

    June 1/June 6 Nothing at either site. Called today and they are doing inquiry. Just a waiting game I guess.
  3. RoyceandHyden

    June 2018 K1 Filers

    I tried calling today at 800-375-5283 and was told that since I am only six and a half months and still within normal processing time to just wait. The person I talked to did say that nothing had been sent out. Gadzooks, am seeing July filers approved and wondering if my file is just gathering dust under someone's desk or what.
  4. RoyceandHyden

    June 2018 K1 Filers

    Silently watching, but becoming very frustrated. NOA 1 June 1 old site/June 6 new site. Congratulations to all those who have and blessed with a wonderful Christmas present!
  5. My fiance's situation is a little bit complicated. She Works in Hong Kong and her child lives with her parents in the Philippines. Her child does not have a passport currently and she is not available to take the child to get one since she lives and works out of the country. The child is 11 years old. Is a passport a requirement of the application process of the K2 Visa? I have read somewhere that if the child is under 14 it is not a requirement. I understand the child would need a passport when getting ready to leave the country.