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  1. My fiancee entered the USA with a K-1 visa and two days afterwards we decided to apply for a Social security number, the official at the SS office indicated the DHS hasnt inputed her information yet so we should wait for 4 weeks , but if we have all the documentation they need we can submit it the following day (the asked specifically for the original birth certificate which wasn't available then) , the following day we brought all our documents and met another official who told us my fiancee is authorizeed to work, and that the system wants to see an EAD card before the SSN process can be completed. She furthered stated she would receive the EAD in my mail, then a week after the SSN would be delivered. The issue here is we haven't applied for the EAD, buh she insists we would receive it by mail. She however gave me this letter as attached below Any help or explanations guys?
  2. Greenbaum, please what do you know about the four month validity of the petition (NOA2). How do I extend the validation period.
  3. So how did you get your interview date? Congrats btw. Hope it all goes well.
  4. Ugh that's horrible. Do you know if you can schedule before receiving packet 3? What info do you need from packet 3 that you have to wait before scheduling? My case is not even in Ghana yet lmao..
  5. Seeing as it took about 2 months from the embassy receiving it to getting packet 3. Have you been able to schedule for an interview? If so what month was available.
  6. What about ghana embassy, can you do the same thing?
  7. Yasssss!!!!!! 😄 Old site approved. Thank you God after 206 miserable days. New site nothing yet. NOA1 : Old site 3/19, new site 3/23 NOA2 : Old site 10/11, nothing on new site yet. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Helllppp please. 200 days and nothing, ugh. Who do I call? Who can I talk to? How long more to wait...😢
  9. Hello Marchers, Quick question, what date do you all put as your NOA1? The date you got the text, email or the date it was received by uscis?
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