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  1. Hi I inboxed you. May You please respond When you have a free moment. Thanks and Congratulations.

    1. LBX


      Thanks! Response sent.

    2. TheLoveIsDeep


      Thank you 

  2. Hi fellow members. I know everyone is waiting like myself for the embassy to begin processing visas again. My question is, does anyone have any information as to when the embassy may resume full work capacity. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Has anyone who had appointments scheduled March-May for interviews in Ghana been rescheduled. Any updates on when rescheduled interviews will. All updates welcomed. 😊
  4. I agree. Is your new appointment set for August 2020?
  5. @Karay Hello, our visa process is taking place in Accra also. My question is, have you been able to schedule an appointment?
  6. Can you send it to me also please?
  7. Has anyone been able to schedule an interview for the Ghana embassy?
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