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  1. Hi there!! We just got approved at our K1 Visa Interview (yay!!) and I’m finalizing all the bits and pieces to move over there. its my vague understanding that the US tax year matches the standard year (Jan-Dec). We are planning to get married in Jan 2019, so when she files for the previous year (2018) I’m assuming we file jointly? I will obviously not have worked in the US for any of that year but have worked in the UK. Do I put this on the form and do I need evidence like payslips? I won’t have any continued income from the UK once I move and I’m closing up my ISA, so won’t have any interest being paid into an account either. Ive also recently sent off the form to HMRC to let them know I’m moving, and a letter to the pension people. Is there any other tax/legal things I should be doing UK based before I go? Apologies if this is a repeat or super simple, taxes baffle me 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for any advice.
  2. Hmmm not for me, but I'm no glasses/contacts which she did double check with me - so maybe an extra test if you do have them? Or if this first option test doesn't go so well Thanks!! I'll review once I've had that one too
  3. Eckkk, sorry my bad, I knew i didn't word it clearly!! Option 1 - But just one line of it, first with one eye reading left to right, then with the other eye reading right to left (I think it was the second from bottom line) Thanks!!
  4. Sorry I can't remember it all but it was kind of a tick system regarding smoking/illnesses/drinking and there was one about the chicken pox, I had them when I was younger, I just had to tick that I had so the nurse knew in regards to vaccine. Nothing I couldn't answer on the spot easily and a declaration you needed to sign to say that you're willing to do everything and you're being honest!
  5. £330, paid with card! (but you could do cash)
  6. Hey! I stressed before the medical and reading reviews helped a lot so thought I'd write one out of my time there!! I had never had a full check up by a GP before so sorry if this is over detailed for some but I didn't know what to expect so maybe it'll help some other 20-something who has no idea! Appointment was for 11.30AM. I arrived at 11AM and was asked to take a seat in the waiting room. 11.25AM they called me up, asked me to hand over my passport, 4x passport sized photos (i had US standards), my ACRO, my letter from NVC (mine was an email correspondence, this was fine), my GP patient summary and my vaccinations (I brought along my red baby book but they didn't need it). They asked if I needed photocopies of anything, I had also brought along my own photocopies of the docs but they just did it there. Handed a urine sample bottle and a form to fill out, I asked where to give back the urine sample and its to the reception desk Once I had completed the urine sample and form and handed it to reception I got called in straight away to do my X-rays (around 11.35). Quick and easy, asked to tie my hair up, I had a hair tie but if you don't there is one there for use and/or a clip. Remove top, bra and necklace and put on a gown. The lady doing it didn't comment on how the X-ray was but I got to see it which was fun. Went back to the waiting room, 5 minute wait to see the Doctor. She was so nice and reassuring!! We signed a couple of papers and my passport photo with form. Checked everything was right with form I had filled out (I had had outpatient surgery at a hospital, she said this didn't count as hospitalization, also i marked that I'd had a cough or fever because I thought it meant like...ever in my life, turns out it's more for chronic cough or fever so she changed that) She checked my BP with the machine, I told her my heart rate usually shows up fast on these and I have to do them twice normally because I get nervous. First time was a little fast but okay for what they wanted she said Weigh in and Height check Then she got me to read the eye chart Sat on the bed and she checked my eyes, ears and throat. Took off all clothes bar underwear and put the gown back on (optional?? at least thats what she said 😅 I was more comfortable with the gown). She checked my heart, again nervous and a little fast but fine, she was jokey about it. Lungs and abdomen check and rotated my limbs a little. Then my reflexes. Time for my bloods - easy peasy, no fainting and my veins are nice and fat so very quick/one try. Arm aches now though We talked a little throughout the whole thing, she said that they only ever see the short side of the visa process but she knows they can take forever, she also had no idea what visa I was traveling on which I didn't expect! Didn't need to see the nurse for Vacs because I was all up to date, waited for 5/10 mins in the waiting room, paid up, received my vaccination record for AOS and was on my way! Was told it's taking about 5/7 days for them to receive results from blood and urine and to send them to the embassy and that i'll only hear something if there's a problem. All in all a good experience, friendly and not stressful at all. About an hour in total spent there. Plus its in a really good area if you want to grab something to eat before/after or a bottle of water to help with the urine sample!! Hope this helps someone!! I think that's everything...also hope this is in the right place!...Count down to my interview next!! EDIT: Also she noticed I had a tattoo and asked my how many I had and where they were located, I guess she had to mark this down somewhere but I didn't see where!
  7. Thanks guys, I'm just gonna check yes and explain and see what the doc says!! I didn't realize that it doesn't get forwarded into the immigration file!
  8. Hey! Forums have been super helpful so just want to double check my reasoning - on the knightsbridge medical form it asks about hospitalization. I had 2 small outpatient surgeries, both done at a hospital and both taking less than 3hrs under local anesthetic. They are on my patient summary, I was referred through my GP etc. Now normally I would say these don't count as hospitalization but as my medical is in 3 days I'm overthinking everything and I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to hide something!! So - check YES or NO for hospitalization..?
  9. In terms of this does "file" mean when I send it, or when they receive and have processed it and issued an NOA1?
  10. We did think about this. We are not sure just yet, I think it would be preferable to us for me to just fly in a week or so later so that if any of my U.K. Family can make it to the wedding (my dad and brother especially) then it will be the real ceremony he will be attending.
  11. Hi there. We are coming up slowly on my interview date and I have a query about K1 expiry and submitting AOS. So our wedding is planned for Jan 20th. If all goes well with my interview and I get my passport back quickly I was thinking of flying around Oct 25th. This puts us at 88 days from entry to marriage. That weekend is a holiday weekend in the US so we probably won't be able to send of our packet until Jan 22nd and I doubt USCIS will receive it and process it instantly. Will this limbo time between expiry and AOS submitted and processed cause issues for us? Should I just come in a few days later to give us more time? Has anyone actually done this and can share their experience? Grateful for any and all responses!
  12. Thanks all! Just the responses I wasn’t hoping for haha eased my nerves a bit - I admit I am probably overthinking every little thing!
  13. Hi there I think I’m posting this in the right place. I am a UK K1 beneficiary. So last year my fiancée, the petitioner, made ~$1000 less than the required amount on her tax return due to us traveling but since she’s been home she has acquired a new job that means she is now going to be making above the 125% thing. The previous years tax returns she also made above the required amount. She is sending me pay stubs, last three years tax returns and a letter from her employer - will London only take into account previous years? Or will they accept that in her new job she will be making the right amount? We have a co-sponsor available if need be, is it possible to just take the extra form with co-sponsor info and give it to them at the interview if they question her ability to be my sponsor? Will I get that chance or will they deny me without asking if I have a co sponsor? All the affidavit stuff confuses me a bit which puts me on edge, I don’t find the forms the easiest to read and understand so would really appreciate any help!
  14. hopefully you manage to get a cancellation! oh wow so by the end of Sept I don't imagine the prospects are gonna be much better guess i'll hope for logging into book on a luck day!
  15. Just booked my medical for 27th Sept (managed to be the 2nd and 3rd caller both times I rang! Was expecting much worse based on some accounts! Although waking up at 9am for it was killer...currently on STL time so felt like 3AM 😑). Not excited about the idea of waiting 7 weeks for an interview once I can book Has anyone else logged on recently to see? Are cancellation spots common for the London Embassy/is there a best time of day to check for these? (I'm not impatient or anything...)
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