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  1. Goodness..... I asked two completely different questions in two different forums. One was about having a formal custody agreement for the IR2 visa. Which the kind people of visajourney answered by saying that no a letter would suffice. Now the circumstances have changed from the time of that question and after searching the forums for a similar question I decided to ask if it would be a good idea to bring him on a tourist visa for a little while after filing the I-130. I was also wondering if we could ask for direct consular filing considering it is a child whose legal guardian is a resident of the US. They are two distinct questions. I am the same person asking the question. About the same child, but I see people post all the time asking a variety of questions regarding their situation. I did not know we were limited to one question per issue. @aaron2020 @arkenWhen I first asked about this months ago, we did not have custody and were just asking what the reqs. for immigration would be. Now circumstances have really changed and I am trying to figure out how to navigate this change. In April we could not get a letter from my step son's mother or fight for custody. Clearly it is an emergency now because my husband is leaving tomorrow so that the boy will not become a ward of the state. Sometimes it is so hard to ask a question on visajourney without people jumping on the person asking. This site I believe is supposed to support people in this process so that knowledge and experiences can be shared.
  2. My stepson is 8 years old, he currently lives with his mother in Costa Rica, but it looks like that is no longer possible. My husband and I live in the US, he a greencard holder and I am a USC. I want to know the fastest way to get my stepson here, but I think a tourist visa will be denied because there are no ties for an 8 year old whose mother is unfit and father lives in the US. An I-130 would take too long as my husband will lose his job if he goes down to wait with the little boy.... Any way of showing that we will file the I-130 and go back to CR for the interview, but my stepson could visit the US now? He does not have a tourist visa yet..... A friend has the same kind of relationship and her step kids were denied tourist visas even though their mom went to the interview and said she did not give them permission to immigrate, just visit. Trying to figure out the best way to get him here so he is no longer in limbo in terrible conditions.
  3. we got the ready to schedule 4 months before we got the "interview has been scheduled" and then another month until the interview date.
  4. Hey everyone! Great newssss!!!! Yesterday we went to the very last day of online scheduled infopass appointments at the Washington DC office. Now any appointments have to be requested by a Tier 2 officer over the phone. We found out that the officer who interviewed us "is no longer an employee of USCIS" and had thousandsss of cases pending waiting to be reassigned in order of priority date not interview date. The lovely lady at the Infopass desk said that it didn't really matter that our case had been pending after interview for 143 days because a supervisor or new agent needed to get the file. She let us fill out a form for a supervisor because they were all busy. We left kinda disappointed, but happy to know that there was nothing wrong with the file and that we had passed background checks already. a few hours later "CARD BEING PRODUCED!!!!" yayyyyyyyyyyy So if your stuck like this, make an infopass! It may be some weird situation.
  5. how long has it been since your interview? we had our interview on Jan 29, 2019 and still no word. no RFE or anything. I hope they come do a bed check!
  6. I have been trying to get an infopass, but all the officers say that they won't schedule one and that tier 2 officers are not available. The rep I spoke with today said that they are waiting on the I-130 approval from NBC so I could write NBC a letter asking what is going on. All my SRs are pending over 30 days and the rep was extremely rude. I have online and over the phone service requests, the senator and our congressional representative have inquired too.
  7. Oh my goodness! Your timeline is horrible!! They just sent you an RFE after like a year post-interview!!! What was the RFE? Thank you for the advice, when my husband is finally home during their business hours we can call together because they won't talk to me about the I-485 without him, only the I-130. Hopefully we can get an infopass. Have you filed an OMBUDSMAN report yet?
  8. So it has now been 121 days since our interview at the Washington DC field office. It went really well, lots of evidence, had to bring the baby, not very many questions from the officer, and he didn't want to see any more evidence. He said we would hear about approval in 1-120 days and if we did not here in that time to file an inquiry. Well I have filed 2 inquiries and our Congressman has too. We never received anything from them, one was over 30 days ago. No infopasses are available. What else can I do?
  9. no it's only been 109 days and the level 2 officer said that they cannot make an inquiry until 19 months have passed be that is the allotted time for family-based I-485 adjustment of status at the Washington, DC field office. Ohhhh well time to start renewing the EAD. I don't think we will have a stokes as we have been married over 3 years, have lots of comingling of finances, 3 kids together, lots of trips, no criminal history whatsoever, no unlawful presence or entry and the interview went really well. No RFEs in the whole entire process and the interviewer said we should receive approval in 1-120, but his supervisor was really busy. I think it is stuck in background checks or with the supervisor or lost in the process. I am going to contact our congressional representatives when I have time next week and then renew EAD.
  10. Yes! Thank you so much! We have house about 15 minutes from her house in Costa Rica and spend a lot of time there each year and are totally committed to bringing him to visit and visiting ourselves. I understand what you mean though because circumstances change and it is a lot to agree to.... We have lots of evidence that he is the father's natural child (birth certificate, photos from birth of all of us together, evidence of child support, deposits, money sent, vacations, soccer fees, affidavit from both grandmothers could be procured, sibling relationships, a house the my husband built for son's mother...)
  11. Sorry I mis-worded the post. It is my husband's biological son. My step-child. He is on the birth certificate as the father and they have a great relationship. We pay his child support and everything every month and talk to him every day. I couldn't edit or delete the post after I hastily posted it. I looked up that I would file an I-130 for him and it would be like a normal immigrant petition. We just need to get either custody or proof from the little boy's mother than he can live in the US with us. Thanks for your replies!
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