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  1. I got and IVR account # in the ais.usvisa-info.com, added curier options and personal data, but could not do MRV payment and schedule appointment because there are no available dates. Today I tried to get into my IVR account #, but I only find the option to register your appointment. How can I pull up my IVR Account # in order not to register a new appointment? Please help
  2. One question about scheduling the interview date, maybe @M and Ed and @lenasophia can help me out. I tried to pay and schedule my visa appointment yesterday, but no days were available. Today I signed in to the dept. Of state visa appointment service and instead of pulling up the information I already added as step 1 and 2, curier data, etc is asking me again to sign up. Is this ok? How did you checked if there were dates available and finally made the visa payment? TIA!
  3. Hope this answers your doubts
  4. Wish you the best to all the visajourney palls doing the interview! You're very close to be with your loved ones 😊 Keep us updated with your experiences ❤
  5. I only got NVC email, you are fine with that
  6. Hi everyone! Im having trouble trying to pay the visa. The instructions say to get into the US departament of state visa appointment service》created account》but it's not offering me a pay option just to schedule an interview...should I move on? Can someone help me out please?
  7. A certified copy is a copy (often a photocopy) of a primary document that has on it an endorsement or certificate that it is a true copy of the primary document. It does not certify that the primary document is genuine, only that it is a true copy of the primary document.
  8. I definitely choose something different and pulled up other questions than what I've seen on youtube. Will try to relax and take my time to do it right, but Im a bit frustrated and freaked out 😓 thanks by the way!
  9. Hi k1 team, I'm freaking out here filling DS160 Form, hope you can help me, @Greenbaum. I watched videos on internet about how to fill in the form, but I got questions I haven't seen before and I don't know how to answer. Please help! 1) In present work/education/training info, for "Primary Ocupation" I added not emplyed, opened a box to explain, which I did. Then aditional work/education/training the videos in internet show question "do you belong to a clan or tribe?", but I got questions about my last 5 years work experience and to add highschool and other education, my question is: A) Do I have to add exactely what I put in the original I129F Form?, If I do I worked as self emplyed becase Im an artist so, do I have to add "not apply" to company name, address,etc and then add the same explanation I gave in the I129F Form? B) Do I have to add I studied a career that I did not finish or I. only have to add the education/training which I got a degree? Please Im very stressed out and frustrated right now, Im scared to make a mistake it could turn out in a red flag or denial 😭
  10. DS 160 fill up form question. Did you have to fill out previous work experience and highschool/University studies? How do you fill out if one of your previous work experience is freelance or self employed?, if you studied at University but did not finish the career, did you also add that information? Please help! Im so scared to do it wrong 😣
  11. Yes, take all the originals to the interview if they don't ask for it fine, but if they do and you don't have it that could be an issue. For example we have a sponsor for the affidavit, he can't provide us his original citizenship for the interview, so my fiance legalized a copy for me to have at the interview that replaces the original. Good luck! And please share with us your interview experience, I feel you, I'm so stressed out as well
  12. Does anybody know if packet 3 and interview must be done before NOA2 expires? Mine expires March 3, and I'm worried to do the interview after this date. Is there something I can do? Mi NVC email does not show an expiration date.
  13. I totally agree with you! We are almost up to send the packet 3 to the embassy, and get an interview date. I can't believe we got to this point and it's also thanks to many people in this webpage and specially @Greenbaum, who helped us in every stage, I also learned each time making me be able to help others. Hope my fiance and I will get approved at the interview, hope we all make our dream come true! 😍
  14. Hi every one! Some of the ones in this group will have the interview the 20 of this month, please share your experience with all of us, Im so stressed out!, next week We'll be sending the packet 3. Good luck to everyone! Hope we all pass 😊
  15. If the sponsor lets you, get the original at the interview if not a copy signed and dated by hand, this is what we'll do. Hope it'll be fine