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  1. Had my interview today. I am approved 🎉🎉🎉 To God be all the glory and honor! 🙏
  2. Oh okay. Yes. Thank you greenbaum
  3. Do we need to do all of these in a span of 90 days? Including EAD and AOS filling..
  4. @Greenbaum we need to go back to the local social security office when we get our marriage certificate. Does it take a long time to change our name on the social security card? Or is it like.. we will get a new card with our married name on the spot when we update our name on the local office?
  5. That is so clear. Thank youuu!
  6. Thank you so much @Greenbaum You answered all of the questions I have in my mind 😄 It's like you read my mind lol. I just have one question. These words got me puzzled for a bit. Means, why get SSC when we need to file EAD before we can actually work? Is SSC a temporary work permit?
  7. Filipina_2018

    Who else is having their interview on the 17th?

    Me 🙋‍♀️ I'll pm you G C
  8. Filipina_2018

    Parents applying for a B2/Tourist Visa - APPROVED!

    I know for sure that I cannot apply for my mom. I mean I will help her apply for B1 visa 🤣 I have read Manila embassy website regarding the requirements while PSA bcert and NBI clearance was not listed. If it was listed I shouldn't be clarifying it her now 🤣 And btw, this thread is the most recent thread about my concern with Filipino members sharing their experience. As I believe requirements and procedures depends on the embassy. Thank you
  9. Filipina_2018

    Parents applying for a B2/Tourist Visa - APPROVED!

    What are the requirements for a tourist visa for Filipino parents who will attend a wedding in the US? I am an applicabt of K1 visa. We want to apply my mom a tourist visa so she can attend my wedding on April. Does she need to have PSA bcert and NBI clearance? Please help!
  10. Merry Christmas everyone! Just a quick question @Greenbaum, is a battery operated watch allowed in USEM?
  11. Noted that. Thank youuu sooo much!! @Greenbaum ☺
  12. So excited to meet @Elle29 for CFO seminar and SLEC medical next week!! Glad I made a friend thru this site 😁 I just turned 25 this year. Is the parents advice really a necessary requirement for CFO? @Greenbaum please help me.. I just had my period. My slec medical exam will be next week. Do I need to wait for it to stop first before having my medical exam?
  13. Yes. I read that conclusion in our Philippine forum. @Greenbaum suggested to schedule the interview once in transit 3-4 weeks before interview so mine is 5 weeks. I have 5 weeks to wait for that holy ready status 😄 I like his idea to set everything and still give enough time just in case.