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  1. Hi @Ajt3, How long did it take you to get your passport back after the approval? Did you have it couriered to your place or picked it up at one of their pick up locations? My wife has scheduled an exam on OCT 13th and the interview is on the 5th. She needs her passport in order to sit for the exam, so wanted to make sure if she should reschedule or if she'll receive it back in time.
  2. @Abies how long does it take to receive the interview letter after the interview has been scheduled?
  3. Thank you, all the best to you as well Thank you Thank you
  4. Just called NVC and got interview date of 5th October
  5. How long does it take to receive CC email once the status on ceac changes to at NVC?
  6. India is non pivot country. I had submitted my documents to NVC 7/24 and NVC scanned them on 7/27. From scan date to cc took 5 business days.
  7. I called NVC this morning and they confirmed that we got CC on August 3rd.
  8. Just checked the status on ceac and saw that our application is at NVC. Assuming got cc yesterday. Will call nvc on Monday to confirm.
  9. Just called NVC and they told me that if documents are ready we can send them in. They will scan them into the system but won't review them until DS260 is completed. I'm going to send the documents today and hopefully by the time they scan it, the site is back up.